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Aluminum Mesh, the Choice of Modern Curtain Wall Decoration

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Aluminum plate net, also known as aluminum pull net, aluminum expansion net. As the name suggests, it is stamped and stretched from aluminum sheet and is not welded 

and welded. Therefore, the structure is simple and firm, and there is no need for open welding or wire stripping.

Compared with the aluminum plate network, the earliest known is the steel mesh, the steel mesh industrial construction, and the pedaling is mostly used. Most of them are 

directly stamped and stretched into steel products by stainless steel plates or stainless steel plates. The workmanship and surface treatment are rough and the requirements 

are not strict. Like a man suffering from life, he is a man of iron. This is especially true for heavy-duty steel mesh. However, although the aluminum mesh and the steel mesh 

are processed in the same way, they do have fundamental differences.

Aluminum Mesh, the Choice of Modern Curtain Wall Decoration

First of all, the aluminum mesh is made of pure aluminum and aluminum alloy plates. Commonly used grades of pure aluminum 1060, aluminum alloy 3003, 5052 density is 

small and light. The light weight makes the aluminum mesh curtain wall easier to install than other curtain walls, and the ventilation is better and more decorative.

The surface of the decorative aluminum mesh is extremely strict, and rejecting scratches and rejecting burrs is the most basic requirement. Therefore, a film is applied to the 

surface of the sheet during the production process to prevent small scratches. Every extreme mold needs to be extremely sharp to avoid burrs. In addition to the protection 

during production, curtain wall aluminum mesh is usually surface treated.

Common surface treatment methods are powder coating, fluorocarbon paint, and anodizing.

Normal surface treatment procedures need to include cleaning before spraying, removing impurities, and improving paint adhesion. Drying, first spraying, high temperature 

drying, second spraying, high temperature drying, spraying topcoat, and then drying at high temperature.

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Aluminum Mesh, the Choice of Modern Curtain Wall Decoration

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