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British firm offers innovative housing concept

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The UK is currently undergoing a rather concerning housing crisis, a problem that start-up company ‘Zed Pods Limited’ hopes to address. The company proposes building pop-up villages which are assembled from cheap, prefabricated micro-homes on platforms above car parks. The company claim their ‘ZEDpod’ is a prefabricated, super energy-efficient micro-home that can sit on an elevated platform above car parks at big retail outlets, hospitals or municipal offices.
The homes can be installed at any car park that has a reasonably large surface area; inclusive of car parks which are owned by local authorities, supermarkets, educational facilities and public service buildings, all of which more often than not also tend to come with good transport facilities. The entry level model, intended for two people, costs £65,000 ($80,000), and can be bought outright or installed and rented out for £650 a month.
The government has to a certain degree already showed they are fond of the idea, the UK government’s Enterprise Investment scheme (EIS) has provided funding to the company and they hope to use the funding to begin erecting pods throughout the country. The company will be aiming the housing as an option to young singles, couples, students and people who are generally looking to live in a low cost home. With a durable, permanent construction, the pods can be installed as singles, doubles, or clustered together as “pop-up villages”.
The pods will be constructed off-site and then taken to their final location, where through the use of a forklift they can be put together in a matter of days. The ZEDpod is built to high energy-performance standards, far in excess of building regulations, and the external envelope is designed to be around 20 years to first maintenance. The home has integrated roof-mounted solar panels that charge a battery store, plus heat recovery ventilation and large triple glazed windows.

 “The ZEDpod is an exceptionally cost-effective way of building, and the scope is huge,” said Bill Dunster, Principal of ZEDfactory.

British firm offers innovative housing concept

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