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Characteristics and Installation Precautions of Air Conditioning Copper Tube

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Air conditioning has slowly become an integral part of everyday life. Whether it is a split wall hanging machine, a cabinet machine, or a central air conditioner, to ensure the stable and long-term use of the air conditioning system, in addition to the excellent quality of its own equipment, the importance of connecting the air conditioning copper tube between them is self-evident.

Characteristics of air conditioning duct


The piping of the refrigerant system is the copper tube we often say. Why should the refrigerant system choose the copper pipe as the system pipeline? As we all know, the refrigerant itself is corrosive, that is to say, PPR, PEX and other rubber-plastic pipes cannot be used. The only thing that can be chosen is steel pipe, aluminum pipe and copper pipe.

1.Steel pipe, steel pipe can not be installed in the whole pipe, which means that there will be many joints in the system. The refrigerant system is filled with high-pressure gas and liquid, the joint is very easy to rust the old saying, the steel pipe is not Suitable for.

2. Aluminum tube, aluminum tube can not be used as a bell mouth, the pressure resistance is not resistant to oxidation, it is easy to leak, aluminum tube is not suitable.

3. Copper pipe, most of the whole pipe installation, good ductility, oxidation resistance, good pressure resistance of the bell mouth, it is not easy to leak refrigerant. Strong thermal conductivity and higher heat exchange efficiency.

Characteristics and Installation Precautions of Air Conditioning Copper Tube

The above can be seen that the copper tube is selected as the pipeline of the refrigerant system air conditioner because of its physical characteristics. What is the copper tube?

Copper pipes, commonly used are copper pipes (industrial pure copper) and brass pipes (copper-zinc alloy), which are divided into drawn pipe, rolled pipe and extruded pipe according to different manufacturing methods. Generally, medium and low pressure pipes are pulled. Pipe making.

1. Copper tube: The copper content is over 99.90%. It has the good characteristics of copper metal, a high-quality base metal, which is widely used in various fields of industry and civil society. It plays an important role. There are mainly three types of TP2, T2 and TU1.

2. TP2 is phosphorus deoxidized copper, containing 0.015-0.04% of phosphorus, possesses good welding and cold bending properties, and is widely used in the manufacturing fields of air conditioning and refrigeration connecting pipes, gas pipes connecting pipes, electric heating pipes and the like.

3. T2 is pure copper, copper content is higher than 99.90%, when the user has high conductivity requirements for materials, T2 copper tube will be the first choice.

4. TU1 is oxygen-free copper, copper content ≥99.97%, low oxygen and impurity content, high purity, electrical conductivity, excellent thermal conductivity, good ductility, good processing properties and welding, corrosion resistance and cold resistance. Due to the high requirements and high cost of its production, its product price is much higher than other types of copper tubes.

Brass tube: copper-zinc alloy tube, the number after the letter H in the grade often represents the middle value of its copper content, and the zinc content is the remaining amount. Different grades of brass tubes, with increasing copper content, generally exhibit better quality and elongation. Mainly used as a connection for water pipes and wading.

The copper tube has strong, corrosion-resistant properties, light weight, good thermal conductivity, high temperature strength, and can be used in many environments.

Above, we have generally understood why the copper tube is used as the connecting material in the refrigerant system air conditioner.

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Characteristics and Installation Precautions of Air Conditioning Copper Tube

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