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Christmas & New Year Party

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Christmas & New Year Party





Mtscomaxtech held a Christmas and New Year Party on December 25th, 2015. All the company members attended. 

Before the party, we decorated our office with many beautiful things, such as a 2.2-meter-tall Christmas Tree, colorful ballooms, stars, snows, bells….

We prepared many interesting programs and delicious foods for this party. Everyone bought a special gift for this party as well. 

The party started at 6:30pm, during the party, we were drinking, eating, singing and playing games. After finishing one game, we changed gifts with each other.

We also had a birthday party because three of our colleagues’ birthday were in this month.

The party last more than three hours, all of us had fun and enjoyed this party, especially the children, because they got many interesting gifts from Santa Claus.

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