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Comparison of aluminum alloy enclosure plate and color steel plate

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At present, the annual output value of my country’s construction metal enclosure system is close to 100 billion yuan, of which the amount of color steel plate accounts for more than 70%, and the apparent consumption is about 5 million tons. According to the current development trend, the market share of aluminum alloy enclosures will be greatly increased. If it reaches 50%, aluminum consumption will increase by about 1.3 million tons per year.

In domestic civil buildings, large-scale infrastructure projects, especially projects with large spans and complex shapes, such as the roofs and walls of public buildings such as airport terminals, convention and exhibition centers, stadiums, museums, railway stations, and passenger transportation centers, have been widely used Aluminum alloy plate. However, in industrial buildings, the steel structure system and the metal plate enclosure system accounted for about 70% of the total construction, and the application of aluminum alloy is less.

According to the survey, my country currently consumes 20-30 million tons of color steel plates each year. If aluminum alloy enclosure plates are used instead, the annual aluminum consumption can be increased by 10-15 million tons according to the proportion of steel plates and aluminum plates.

In addition, although my country’s infrastructure has improved significantly, the per capita stock of public facilities is still far below the level of developed countries, especially in rural areas and the central and western regions. The infrastructure is still weak. With the increase in demand for construction projects in the overall, strategic, and public welfare fields such as agricultural infrastructure construction, affordable housing projects, and rural dilapidated house renovation, the demand for aluminum alloy enclosures will increase significantly.

The market prospect of aluminum alloy enclosure board is broad, what are the unique advantages of color steel plate?

First of all, aluminum is light, easy to disassemble and assemble, and the construction labor intensity is low. For the metal roof of the same steel structure building, if the aluminum alloy plate is used to replace the color steel plate, the steel consumption of the steel structure can be saved by about 10%.

Secondly, the aluminum plate is corrosion-resistant and maintenance-free. The design service life of the aluminum alloy enclosure plate is not less than 40 years, generally more than 50 years, and the color steel plate needs to be maintained regularly. After about 10 years of use, the joints will be severely corroded due to rain and other reasons and need to be replaced or even discarded. Great waste. At current prices, the average annual cost per square meter of color steel plates will reach 3.4 times that of aluminum alloy plates. Especially in metallurgical plants, chemical plants, animal breeding plants, pharmaceutical plants and other environments that are prone to corrosion and high standards, the advantages of aluminum alloy enclosures are more obvious.

Finally, the aluminum alloy plate can be recycled and reused, and the residual value of the scrap is high. The recycling rate of aluminum used in building structures can reach about 90%, and the recycling price can reach about 80% of the price of primary aluminum, and the color steel plate has basically no reuse value or low utilization value after it is scrapped.

Roof panels and wall panels made of aluminum alloy as the main raw material can better heat insulation, heat preservation and moisture resistance than traditional materials, help reduce the energy consumption of building indoor temperature regulation and rainwater corrosion, and have a beautiful appearance. , Easy to maintain and long life.

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