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High strength plastic alloy pipe function

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Performance index requirements for high-strength plastic alloy pipes
Plastic alloy tube, also known as plastic alloy composite communication tube or plastic alloy power cable protection tube. It uses PVC as the main raw material, comprehensively applies the multi polymer material co blend technology with synergistic effect, and is equipped with toughening agent, anti-aging agent and other auxiliary additives. After partial kneading and integrated kneading process, it is treated by interpenetrating network alloying.
After extensive investigation, research, and consultation, high-strength aluminum 6082 alloy were comprehensively utilized with various functional polymer materials with synergistic effects, including corresponding toughening agents, rigid additives, anti-aging agents, and other auxiliary additives, using orthogonal experimental methods and multi alloy network collaborative technology. After trial production, testing, analysis, summary, selection, and improvement, they were combined with partial kneading and overall kneading, Finally, we successfully developed the third generation of communication pipes – high-strength plastic alloy pipes. Also known as plastic alloy tube or plastic alloy composite communication tube. The comprehensive technical indicators of high-strength plastic alloy pipes are at the leading level of similar products in China, and can replace steel pipes for buried laying projects of information pipelines crossing roads. Easy to assemble and arrange, easy to construct, can reduce engineering costs, and extend the service life of communication pipelines. The product is widely applicable to the internet, mobile power, and all departments that use optical and cable as transmission routes. 1. Appearance and structure
(1) Double layered composite structure with outer square and inner circle, formed by one-time extrusion, can accommodate optical cables of different diameters, and can match the original water
Pipes such as mud pipe blocks and corrugated pipes can be freely transitioned and combined, and corresponding accessories such as joints, plugs, straps, special glue, repair patches, etc. are available for easy construction operations.
(3) The external structure is square with an arc angle, and the R angle of the pipe is 15 ± 2mm.
(4) Smooth inner wall, effortless threading.
(5) The color of the pipes should be uniform and consistent, and the inner and outer walls of the pipes should not have defects such as bubbles, cracks, decomposition discoloration lines, and obvious impurities.
(6) The two ends of the pipe should be flat and the axis should be vertical, and there should be no obvious bending phenomenon in the direction of the pipe axis. The warpage per meter shall not exceed 20 millimeters.
(7) The appearance of the joint and plug products is free of defects, damage, and the performance dimensions meet the design requirements.
2. Materials
(1) Using high-quality engineering plastics such as ABS for one-time extrusion.
(2) Flexibility: It can be bent, with a length of 6 meters of pipe material and a bending strength greater than 1 meter.
(3) Good corrosion resistance and aging resistance in various acid tight environments
(4) Smoldering (flame out immediately after ignition), its combustion performance should comply with the relevant provisions of the GB/T5169.7 1985 standard.
(5) The service life is over 50 years.
(6) The special adhesive must not contain hard lumps, insoluble particles, or other impurities; Shall not be in a gelatinous state; There shall be no layering and no precipitates without stirring.

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