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Medical applications of stainless steel

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By their exceptionally nature, gadgets intended for restorative uses must meet amazingly stringent configuration and manufacture criteria. In a world progressively centered around claims and requital claims for harm or harm brought on by therapeutic negligence anything that comes into contact with or surgically embedded inside the human body must perform precisely as outlined, without come up short.

The outline and creation process for therapeutic gadgets represents the absolute most difficult material science inquiries and building issues for the restorative business to overcome. With such wide applications, restorative gadgets come in all shapes and sizes to play out a pile of various occupations and accordingly an assorted scope of materials are utilized by researchers and specialists to meet the most stringent of outline details.



Medical applications of stainless steel



Stainless steel is a standout amongst the most usually utilized materials as a part of the assembling of restorative gadgets, and specifically Stainless Steel 304.


Properties utilized as a part of Medical Devices

Stainless Steel 304 is viewed the world over as a standout amongst the most reasonable materials for the assembling of restorative gadgets for a wide range of utilizations. Truth be told, it is the most well-known stainless steel utilized as a part of the world today. No other evaluation of stainless steel comes in such a variety of structures, completions and with such various applications. Stainless Steel 304 Properties offer remarkable material qualities at an aggressive value point, in this way settling on it the consistent decision for restorative gadget determination.

A high corrosion resistance and low carbon content are key factors that mak Stainless Steel 304 suitable for medical applications over and above other grades of Stainless steel. The reassurance that medical devices won’t chemically react with bodily tissue, cleaning products used to sterilise and the hard, reptitive wear that many medical devices are subjected to, means that Stainless 304 is the perfect material for hospitals, surgeries and paramedic applications etc.

Not only does Stainless Steel 304 offer high strength, it is also extremely workable, with the ability to be deep drawn into shape without the need for annealing, making 304 perfect for the manufacture of bowls, sinks, pans and a range of different medical vessels and hollow ware.

Restorative Applications for Stainless Steel 304

Stainless steel 304 is broadly utilized as a part of a wide range of modern and local applications. Inside the restorative gadget industry, 304 is utilized where high consumption resistance, great formability, quality, producing exactness, unwavering quality and cleanliness is of specific significance.

Stainless Steel 304 offers a number of advantages:

Diverse Application – can be used for all types of medical devices – economies of scale – reducing raw material costs.

Rust Proof – reduces the risk of infection from rust and other surface imperfections caused by oxidation.

High Corrosion Resistance


Antibacterial properties

It does not stain – so it can be cleaned and re-used many times in the medical field.

Non Magnetic – perfect for operating theatres or implants within the body

High heat resistance

Once work-hardened Stainless Steel 304 will keep its shape.


Medical / Surgical Stainless steel

For surgical stainless steel, specific grades of Stainless steel – 316 and 316L are predominantly used. By alloying the elements Chromium, Nickel and Molybdenum Stainless steel offers the material scientist and surgeon some uniquely reliable qualities.

Chromium – heightens the materials scratch resistance and corrosion resistance – perfect for cleaning and sterilization.

Nickel – provides an extremely smooth and publishable surface – fine details required for machining precision, high quality products etc. Also important for hygiene.

Molybdenum – provides hardness after forming and is great for sharp cutting edges – scalpel

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