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Our Tour For Two International Tube & Pipe Exhibitions

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Our Tour For Two International Tube & Pipe Exhibitions

ChinaTECH participated in two International tube & pipe exhibitions in Shanghai and Korea at the end of last month. Early days, we actively prepared so that we can meet customers in a professional manner. That was an Unforgettable experience.

    The 7th All China-International Tube & Pipe Industry Trade Fair was held from 26th, Sep, 2016 to 29th, Sep, 2016 in Shanghai New International Expo Centre. This exhibition is very large, where were more than 1650 brands showcasing their latest products. We had two booths, China and PURE TUBE. Our team scattered throughout the exhibition, met dozens of customers who were from India, Japan, Russia, America and many other countries.

    We introduced our products, shared the harvest of exhibition, left the contact way, led them to our booths and had a group photo with them. We left a deep impression to them.


    At the same time, we attended Steel & Metal 2016 in Korea. We also met a lot of new friends. Although we were in a foreign country, we treated our guests with the most enthusiasm.

    The four day journey was very busy but many new members of China felt united, professional and energetic through this exhibition which is their first experience. We had let more people know about China. In the future, we will work harder to show our professional strength. 

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