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Panasonic’s Evolta Neo Reaches Cliff Top

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Evolta Neo is a small robot powered by two AA dry cell batteries that has succeeded in climbing to the top of a sheer cliff in Lysefjord, Norway, for no less than 1000 meters in 11.5 hours on July 8. The humanoid bot ascended along a tight rope and reached the top on its second attempt, as the first time it was hindered by rain and wind.

Panasonic’s Evolta Neo Reaches Cliff Top

The first battery trial in a series of experiments that started in 2008 was set in the Grand Canyon in the United States, where the robot climbed a 530-meter sheer cliff.

Evolta Neo has a height of 17 centimeters, a total weight of 169g with batteries and 120g without batteries and it is made of plastic and titanium. The robot was designed and developed by Tomotaka Takahashi, 5-time winner of the Robo Cup, who has also been taking part in EVOLTA Robot Challenge since 2008.

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