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Precautions for aluminum alloy profile extrusion die trial and aluminum extrusion process

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1. In the process of aluminum alloy profile extrusion die trial and aluminum extrusion, the following aspects should be paid attention to:

  • A. Determine the temperature of the mold temperature rod before extrusion of aluminum alloy profiles, whether it meets the requirements of the extrusion temperature, whether there is a core for heating (the placement of the mold in the heating furnace is very important, and there must be a certain amount between the mold and the mold. Heating gap).
  • B. The aluminum extrusion die must be aligned to the center to avoid collapse and plugging.
  • C. Suitable extrusion speed should be selected for different aluminum alloy profile molds to avoid poor discharge caused by too fast and too rapid. D. In the process of extrusion of aluminum alloy profiles, we should also pay attention to the quality of aluminum rods to avoid mold collapse due to aluminum rod impurities.

2. Aluminum extrusion die repair is a very important link, but the first thing to consider when repairing the die is its strength, and the die must be repaired on the basis of ensuring the strength of the aluminum extrusion die. Generally, welding is not used until the final level, because welding has a significant impact on the life of the mold. Especially the welding of the working belt, it is easy to cause the shortening of the life. For the repair of the speed of the profile, it is generally used to repair the slow place instead of blocking the fast place. At this point, the burden on the mold structure is reduced, and its life can be guaranteed to a certain extent. Of course, improving the level of mold repair and reducing the number of mold trials is also one of the ways to improve the service life of the mold.

3. In the process of burning the mold, pay special attention to the process of taking the punching material, especially in some screw holes or weaker places, otherwise, it is easy to break the mold.

4. The handling of aluminum extrusion molds should be carried out carefully to avoid hitting the work belt and other places. Before the mold is put into the warehouse, it must be cleaned, and the mold must be carefully and thoroughly inspected for small cracks and breakages.

5. For the finished mold, the process data must be effectively managed, such as the mold repair plan, the processing details, and the extrusion process. Because these can be copied objects for subsequent supplementary molds or similar molds, it can effectively improve the pass rate of the mold on the machine.

In short, the improvement of extrusion die life depends on the perfect link of design, manufacturing, use and subsequent maintenance. Relying on a single link cannot effectively achieve the goal. Through the effective integration of each link, it is believed that the mold life can be improved accordingly.

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