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PVC celuka foam boards

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Potentech PVC Celuka Foam Boards/Sheets are using the Celuka extrusion process.

The world-leading equipment and rich experience with this process and this material have enable Potentech to create the PVC Celuka Foam Boards/Sheets that is perfectly matched to the requirements of the market.

Potentech owes its unique product properties to the combination of a solid top coat and a cellular core,both made of the same material and manufactured in one single operation.


Surface strength is always important, the surface has a solid, smooth outer skin that gives the sheet a silk-gloss finish.The hardness of surface can compare with co-extrusion sheets, but more flat than that.Potentech Celuka Foam Boards/Sheets is not easy to be out of shape and have a better screw holding strength.Means Potentech Celuka Foam Boards/Sheets are also ideally suitable for laminating. 



The advantages of this material are also well known in all branches of industry, it’s a right choice for most purposes.

The sheets boast low thermal conductivity and therefore offer good thermal and sound insulation.PVC Celuka Foam Boards/Sheets for the bathroom and kitchen cabinet:

3mm 5mm for the cabinet back panel.

8mm for the bottom panel of drawer

12mm for the drawer frame and the internal shelf.

15mm for the cabinet body, side panel or door panel

16mm、18mm for the sink cabinet of kitchen cabinet

18mm for door panel

25mm for door panel in case of routing.


PVC Board Features:

Lightweight, goodtenacity, high rigidity

Fireproof and flame retardant


No sopping, no deformation

Easy to process

Goodplasticity, is an excellent thermoform material

Sub-light surfaceand elegant vision

Anti-chemical corrosion

Suitable for silkscreen printing

With imported dyes, unfading and anti-ag

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