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Thanksgiving Event

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Thanksgiving Event

Editor:Ivy Chen


Jiaxing MT stainless steel co.,ltd. held a Thanksgiving event on November 23.

Our values are:Progress, passion, cooperation,sharing,honesty,gratitude.

Gratitude is an important part of our corporate philosophy, and we are constantly practicing this. Based on gratitude, we have prepared three activities:



Share how you understand gratitude, and share stories of gratitude around you.



Each of our departments has prepared a performance for this thanksgiving, singing and reciting, each of us in our own way expressing our understanding of gratitude



The last event is a charity auction. The lot is provided by China’s employees. The proceeds from the auction will be used to purchase gloves and scarves for the company’s quality inspectors to keep warm in winter.



Through these activities, we are more grateful for the life we have now, thanks to the mutual support among colleagues, thanks to the customer for our trust,and thanks we still have the ability 

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