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Throughout the History of Copper Foil II

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A century of vicissitudes in the 20th century

In the rapid development of today’s electronic information industry, electrolytic copper foil is called: “neural network” of electronic product signal and power transmission and communication. Since 2002, the production value of printed circuit boards in China has entered the third place in the world. As the substrate material for PCBs, copper clad laminates have become the world’s third largest producer. This has also led to the rapid development of China’s electrolytic copper foil industry in recent years.

Throughout the History of Copper Foil II

From the perspective of the production department of the electrolytic copper foil industry and the development of the market, it can be divided into three major development periods: the United States created the first world copper foil enterprise and the period of the electrolytic copper foil industry; Japanese copper foil The period in which enterprises monopolize the world market in an all-round way; the period in which the world multi-polarization competes for the market.

The United States created the first world copper foil enterprise and electrolytic copper foil industry started from 1955 to the 1970s.


In 1922, Edison in the United States invented the patent for continuous manufacturing of thin metal nickel foil, which became the pioneer of modern electrolytic copper foil continuous manufacturing technology. According to experts from the China Epoxy Resin Industry Association, this patent is based on the lower half of the cathode rotating roller through the electrolyte, through a semi-circular arc-shaped anode, through the electrolysis to form a metal nickel foil. The foil is coated on the surface of the cathode roll, and when the roll is turned out of the liquid surface, the obtained metal nickel foil can be continuously peeled off.

In 1937, Anaconde Copper Company of Perth Amboy, New Jersey, USA, successfully developed industrially produced electroplated copper foil products using the above Edison patented principles and process routes. They use an insoluble anode “acid-making electrolysis” and “solubilized copper-dissolved copper” to produce an electrolytic copper foil in a continuous process to achieve copper ion balance. The creation of this method is more convenient than the production of copper foil by calendering. Therefore, it was used as a building material in large quantities at the time for building moisture and decoration.

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Throughout the History of Copper Foil II

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