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Throughout the History of Copper Foil III

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In 1955, Yates engineers who developed and designed electrolytic copper foil equipment in Anaconda Company and Dr. Adler were separated from the company and independently established Circuitfoil (CFC, which is later known as Yates). Yates also established a factory to produce electrolytic copper foil in New Jersey, California, and the United Kingdom.

In 1957, Clevite and Gould were also derived from Anaconda. They also began to produce electrolytic copper foil for printed circuit boards. Later, Gould established an electrolytic copper foil factory in Germany (then West Germany), Hong Kong, Ohio, Arizona, and the United Kingdom to supply copper clad laminates and PCBs. In the late 1950s, Gould became the world’s largest producer of electrolytic copper foil.

In 1958, Japan’s Hitachi Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd. and Sumitomo Bakelite Co., Ltd. (both companies are major CCL manufacturers in Japan) established a joint venture with Japan Electrolysis Corporation. Later, Japan Futian Metal Foil Powder Industry Co., Ltd. (Futian Company), Furu Electric Industry Co., Ltd. (referred to as Furukawa Electric Company), and Mitsui Metals Mining Co., Ltd. (referred to as Mitsui Co., Ltd.) have established electrolytic copper foil production plants. Established the electrolytic copper foil industry for PCBs in Japan. At that time, various copper foil factories in Japan used intermittent electrolysis: using electroforming technology, qing copper plating bath, polar roller for stainless steel, and electrolytic copper as soluble. This inefficient production method can produce several thousand pieces of thin copper pieces per month in Japan.

Throughout the History of Copper Foil III


In the 1960s, PCBs have gradually spread to various fields of the electronics industry, and the demand for copper foil has grown rapidly. According to experts from China Epoxy Resin Industry Association, in 1968, Mitsui introduced the technology of continuous electrolytic copper foil production from Anaconda Company of the United States, and produced such electrolytic copper foil in the factory in Shangwei Town, Saitama Prefecture.

Furukawa also introduced copper foil production technology from CFC in the United States. The copper foil production plant established by Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd. in Tochigi Prefecture, Japan, was completed in 1972. In addition, the Japanese Electrolytic Company and Fukuda Corporation (Fukuda) established the industrial electrolytic copper foil production in the 1970s by using the technology of continuous electrolytic copper foil developed by the company and the copper foil surface treatment technology. In Japan, several copper foil factories in the technology and production, in the early 70s, have made great progress.

In the early 1960s. China’s Benxi Alloy Factory (and now Benxi Copper Foil Factory), Northwest Copper Processing Plant (now Baihua Huaxia Electronic Materials Co., Ltd.), and Shanghai Smelter (now Shanghai Jinbao Copper Foil Co., Ltd.) rely on their own development. Technology has created the electrolytic copper foil industry for PCB in China. In the early 1970s, it was possible to continuously produce foil products in large quantities. At that time, the copper foil roughening treatment technology mainly relied on several domestic copper-clad board manufacturers to process. In the late 1960s, the Beijing Insulation Material Factory first developed the “anodizing” roughening process. After the roughening treatment is performed on the rolled copper foil, it is realized on the electrolytic copper foil. In the early 1980s, the copper foil industry in mainland China realized the surface roughening treatment technology for the cathodeization of electrolytic copper foil.

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Throughout the History of Copper Foil III

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