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What is the Recent Aluminum Price in China?

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“In the past few days, the spot aluminum price in the market is about 13,600 yuan / ton, which has been a little higher than the previous period.” Talk about the price of the domestic aluminum industry in the past year or so. The data shows that in January 2019, the domestic aluminum spot price It has once fallen to 13,250 yuan / ton, reaching the low point in recent years.

In 2017, affected by factors such as supply-side reforms, domestic aluminum prices have risen all the way, reaching an all-time high of over 17,000 yuan/ton. However, since the price decline in October 2017, the aluminum market has continued to suffer.

“In 2018, the price of aluminum bottomed out, and the annual low was low. The shock range was 13450 yuan to 15,000 yuan / ton. In the first 9 months, the aluminum price was roughly ‘W’, and the aluminum price in the fourth quarter was monotonous.” Looking back on the trend of aluminum prices in the past year, in mid-January 2019, the average price of aluminum ingots continued to be weak. On January 15, the average price of aluminum ingots fell to 13223.33 yuan / ton, which was a low of nearly 2 years, followed by aluminum ingots. Prices have begun to stabilize and rise.

What is the Recent Aluminum Price in China?

According to business community data, as of March 11th, the average price of aluminum market was 13,630 yuan / ton, compared with the first working day (February 12), the average market price of 13,350 yuan / ton, an increase of 2.53%; The price increase on the 15th was 3.08%.

Recently, the price of aluminum has stabilized. On the one hand, the aluminum price has dropped sharply in the fourth quarter of 2018, and the high-cost aluminum plant has suffered a serious loss. Some domestic aluminum plants have successively reduced production and pressure production, and the industry has autonomously de-capacity. On the other hand, in terms of policies, Sino-US trade relations have eased internationally, demand has gradually picked up under the stimulation of domestic infrastructure, the application of aluminum products has expanded, and the fundamentals of domestic aluminum ingots have gradually improved. In addition, the price of alumina in the early stage was lowered due to the lower price of alumina, and the cost support was expected to collapse. After the aluminum price plunged, it basically bottomed out. It is expected that the price of aluminum ingot will still be repaired in the near future.

“After the Spring Festival, the spot price of the aluminum market has indeed increased a bit. However, since March, due to the previous increase, the willingness to take goods downstream is relatively weak. The large households are still in the state of stocking, and the prices have certain support, but there is still no big uptrend in the long run.” After the Zhuo Year, the domestic aluminum price trend stabilized, but the growth momentum in the later period was not too strong. Although aluminum prices have continued to grow, aluminum companies are still losing money, and aluminum companies are still in production after the holiday. 2. The demand for aluminum in the whole month was flat and the demand season was not yet reached. The recent upside of the aluminum price is the start of the downstream and the demand is increasing, but the overall demand increase is relatively limited. At present, the supply of aluminum market is still sufficient.

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