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Why Is Aluminum Resistant To Corrosion?

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Whether it is pure aluminum or aluminum products have a characteristic, is corrosion resistance. Because of this big advantage, it is widely used in many fields.

The chemical symbol for aluminum is AL, which is a very active metal and ranks third on the periodic table. It can easily react with oxygen in the air to form alumina. Unlike other metal oxides, alumina is colorless and transparent and has no effect on the color of aluminum itself.

Why Is Aluminum Resistant To Corrosion?

What’s more, it can wrap the whole aluminum matrix and prevent it from coming into contact with air, so that the matrix will not be further oxidized. If you accidentally scratch the surface of aluminum products, then the injury will be quickly formed alumina film, so that the matrix will not be subject to deep corrosion.

Aluminum aluminum content is also more than 99%, so whether it is pure aluminum products or aluminum products are very corrosion resistant.

Why Is Aluminum Resistant To Corrosion?

After the production of aluminum products also need to be anodized aluminum products, is the aluminum products as an anode, through direct current in the electrolyte, so that the aluminum products form a layer of artificial oxidation film.

The artificial oxidation film is thicker, more uniform and more resistant to corrosion than the natural oxidation film. Naturally formed oxidation film film thickness is not uniform, very thin, on the surface of aluminum products form color difference, affecting the appearance. Anodized aluminum profiles have even color, more silver and bright, beautiful and generous.

Why Is Aluminum Resistant To Corrosion?

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