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α Type Titanium Alloy

The α-type titanium alloy refers to the α-type single-phase state at the use temperature, and the tensile strength is slightly higher than that of industrial pure titanium. It is one of the excellent ultra-low temperature alloys.

This type of alloy has an α-type single-phase state at room temperature and service temperature, and cannot be strengthened by heat treatment (quenching is the only treatment method), and mainly depends on solid solution strengthening. The room temperature strength is generally lower than β-type and α+β-type titanium alloys (but higher than industrial pure titanium), and the strength and transformation at high temperature (500℃600℃), the strength is the highest among the three types of titanium alloys, and The structure is stable, the oxidation resistance and the welding performance are good, the corrosion resistance and the machinability are also good, but the plasticity is low (the thermoplasticity is still good) and the room temperature stamping performance is poor. Among them, TA7 is the most widely used. It has medium strength and sufficient plasticity in the annealed state. It has good welding performance and can be used below 500°C. When the content of interstitial impurity elements (oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, etc.) is extremely low, It also has good toughness and comprehensive mechanical properties at ultra-low temperature, and is one of the excellent ultra-low temperature alloys.


The tensile strength of TA4 is slightly higher than that of industrial pure titanium. It can be used as a structural material in the mid-strength range. It is mainly used as welding wire in China.

TA5&TA6 are used for parts and welded parts that work in corrosive media below 400℃, such as aircraft skins, skeleton parts, compressor shells, blades, ship parts, etc.

TA7   Long-term working structural parts and various die forgings below 500℃ can reach 900℃ for short-term use. It can also be used as ultra-low temperature (-233℃) parts (such as containers for ultra-low temperature).

TA8   500 ℃ long-term working parts, can be used to manufacture engine compressor discs and blades. However, the structural stability of the alloy is poor. Subject to certain restrictions on use

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