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The main purpose of magnesium alloy

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Everyone should have heard of magnesium alloys in daily life, but do you know the specific uses of magnesium alloys? Today, alloy.wiki will tell you about the uses of magnesium alloys.

Compared with aluminum alloy, magnesium alloy is mainly used in industries with higher requirements for light weight, such as the well-known aerospace industry ordnance industry; automobile industry has shell structural parts, wheels, steering wheels, rear seats, etc., but because of magnesium alloy The high cost of corrosion resistance treatment is currently only used in high-end automobiles, but in the future, as the demand for energy saving becomes higher and higher, the application of magnesium alloys in automobiles
There is a trend of increasing use, and the prospects are good. Many scientific research institutions are now studying and preparing to apply magnesium alloy to high-speed trains;

Also, what we call the 3c industry, now many SLRs, notebook shells, mobile phone shells, more and more use of magnesium alloy, the metal texture of its surface treatment is very strong, light weight is also a big selling point of portable consumer products. For example, Lenovo’s NEC notebooks of less than 1 kg use magnesium-lithium alloy;

The other is sporting goods, such as bicycles, magnesium alloy one-wheel one-piece frame, which also promotes their light weight characteristics, and the price is very expensive; the above applications are mainly die-cast magnesium alloys, and the applications of wrought magnesium alloys are now very limited. However, the comprehensive performance of wrought magnesium alloy is better than that of die-casting, but its application is mainly limited by their room temperature plastic deformation, corrosion resistance, high temperature and high temperature creep.
Variable performance, welding process and technology. The current research direction of magnesium alloys is also aimed at the application limitations mentioned above, such as high-strength rare earth magnesium alloys, plastic deformation of magnesium alloys, new processing techniques, magnesium alloy surface treatment, welding technology and performance, magnesium alloy amorphous materials , Composite materials and so on.

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