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Things to note when bending flowers

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Bending can be divided into cold bending and hot bending. Cold bending can be divided into machine bending and manual bending. Cold bending requires attention to the uniformity of the material. Most of them use Q235 or Q195 materials. Because only the uniformity of materials can make the bending The flower patterns are unified.

Machine bending can solve mass production and reduce labor costs and reduce labor intensity. However, equipment investment is relatively increased. Manual bending is labor-intensive, and the processing efficiency of fine materials is higher than that of machine bending, but manual bending is more efficient for processing coarse materials. It’s not as efficient as a machine.

Hot bending can solve the problem of manual processing of rough materials and inconsistent materials. Hot bending can be arbitrary, which cannot be achieved by machine bending. It requires a red furnace or high-frequency heating sensor to complete.

Regardless of cold bending or hot bending, attention must be paid to the uniformity and flatness of the product, because it will directly affect the quality and efficiency of welding.

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