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The development history of aluminum ceiling

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Ceiling, Chinese medicine nouns, body parts names. Common name for palate. It is named because it resembles a ceiling.

Ceiling, English name: Ceiling, is the place on the top surface of a building’s interior. In interior design, the ceiling can be painted and painted to beautify the indoor environment, and install chandeliers, light pipes, ceiling fans, open skylights, and install air conditioning to change the effect of indoor lighting and air circulation.

Ceiling is the general term for decorative indoor roofing materials. In the past, traditional dwellings mostly used straw mats, reed mats, and wooden boards as the main machining materials. With the advancement of science and technology, more modern building materials are applied.

The magical function of the ceiling in modern decoration: the ceiling surface is treated with special technology, anti-static, no dust, no dust, can completely meet the requirements of high-precision electronic workshops, hospital operating rooms, biological laboratories and other high dust-free and high-clean places!

In the past, people’s impression of the ceiling was only on “a piece of white cement”, but they did not realize that the ceiling occupies an extremely important position in home decoration. In addition, ceiling decoration should also play a role in covering beams, columns, pipelines, heat and sound insulation. In addition, the ceiling design is wonderful and changeable, each of which can create different decorative effects. When you decorate your new home, you may wish to change the form of your room ceiling.

Now ceilings are mainly used in places such as airports, stations, office buildings, shopping malls, subway stations and residential buildings. There are gypsum board, mineral wool board, PVC, aluminum gusset board and flexible ceilings on the market.

Ceiling development: the first generation product is gypsum board and mineral wool board; the second generation product is PVC; the third generation product is metal ceiling.

Classification of aluminum ceilings: aluminum veneer ceiling, aluminum honeycomb ceiling, standard square ceiling, hanging piece ceiling, C-shaped strip ceiling, U-shaped strip combined ceiling, D-shaped strip ceiling, aluminum strip ceiling, round tube Strip ceilings, square tube strip ceilings, perforated ceilings, etc.

Now the gypsum board and mineral wool board are constantly improving, including waterproof gypsum board and sound-absorbing mineral wool board. However, they have a single plate shape and are not easy to scrub. They are installed on exposed keels and are mostly used in engineering. PVC products have poor oxidation resistance, are non-moisture-proof, non-fire-proof, easy to deform and change color, and are mostly used in old-fashioned ordinary home decoration. With the improvement of people’s requirements for decoration quality, now household decoration has basically adopted aluminum gussets to make ceilings.

The third generation metal ceiling:

  • 1. The smooth and flawless roll-coated plate is a composite material made of high-quality aluminum-magnesium alloy plate as the base plate, and after strict degreasing and chemical treatment on the surface of the aluminum plate, the imported PVDF fluorocarbon coating is rolled and dried and cured.
  • 2. The rapid development of roll-coated plates is mainly due to the fact that it turns traditional spray coating into continuous coating. After roller coating is used, it is dried and cured, which is different from ordinary dipping chemical treatment. It not only effectively controls the coating quality, but also eliminates defects such as edges and corners that are easy to produce in coating. At the same time, Wuming treatment liquid can also be used for operation to reduce environmental pollution and meet the environmental protection requirements of developed countries.
  • 3. The roll-coated ceiling has bright colors, not only has the strength and excellent flexibility of aluminum plate, but also has good corrosion resistance and weather resistance of the paint film. It can not only withstand the deformation under high wind pressure, but also can cut, slit, punch, slot, drill, curve and compress at will, which can completely replace similar imported products. Therefore, it is widely used in the construction industry: industrial plants, office buildings, shopping malls, stations, subways, airport buildings, modern large hangars, large stadiums, large clubs, etc. With the development of the times, the home decoration field has also entered the mainstream of the decoration industry.

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