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Anti-corrosion 12cr5moi alloy pipe network leakage rate

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The cutting particles are ejected along the tangential direction of the rotation of the sand wheel, the abrasive particles are at high temperature, the surface layer is obviously oxidized by air, the carbon in the middle is easily reacted with oxygen under continuous high temperature, and Fe0+CFe+C0 restores Fe0; The Fe will be oxidized again and then recovered again. The development of this kind of redox reaction circulatory system will continuously generate CO gas. When the compound plastic film on the surface of the particles cannot handle the formed CO gas, there will be a cracking state and a fire will be generated. If the cracked powder still has Fe and C that have not participated in the chemical reaction, the reaction will continue to occur, and a second, three or several cracking flames will occur. The carbon in the 12cr5moi Alloy tube is the basic element that produces the flame. When the steel contains manganese, silicon tungsten, chromium, molybdenum and other elements, the metal oxide will affect the wire frame, tone and condition of the flame. According to the characteristics of the flame, the carbon composition of the stainless steel sheet and the composition of other elements can be roughly distinguished. The mechanical properties of the 12cr5moi alloy tube after cold drawing are uneven. Due to the unbalanced deformation during the cold drawing process of the 12cr5moi alloy tube, the degree of deformation is different from the outer layer to the inner surface layer, which is close to the additional bending deformation and additional shear deformation of the outer layer. Very large, so the total deformation level of the surface layer is larger than that of the inner layer, so the outer crystal is thinner and the strength is higher, and the inner layer is reversed. If the wall thickness is thicker, the frictional resistance is larger, the taper of the template is larger, the difference in the degree of total deformation of the inner surface is also larger, and the unbalanced level of mechanism and characteristics is enlarged. The structural properties of the inner skin are also inconsistent.

How to correct corrosion of 12cr5moi alloy pipe? How to correct corrosion of 12cr5moi alloy pipe The way the composition is when the steel sample is cut on the grinding wheel. One of the key materials, it is not only the structural raw material of various mechanical equipment, but also the basic raw material of engineering projects. Auxiliary additives, and then use the centrifugal ductile casting machine to forge the seamless steel pipe, which can generally be called the ball pipe or the ductile casting pipe. The 12cr5moi alloy pipe is widely used in today’s industrial production, because it It is very reliable and has particularly good anti-corrosion properties. Although the anti-corrosion properties of 12cr5moi alloy pipes are very high-quality, the necessary anti-corrosion equipment may be indispensable in the whole process of specific use, because this can not only ensure the 12cr5moi alloy The characteristics of the pipe, and it can also increase its service life. The epoxy zinc-rich primer coating is one of the commonly used anti-corrosion methods for 12cr5moi alloy pipes. The key is in the transportation of gas, which is also an indispensable anti-corrosion countermeasure. In epoxy porcelain Lining is also one of the most reasonable ways. Although it has good anti-corrosion properties, it is very expensive because of its difficult processing technology. First: because the 12cr5moi alloy pipe uses rigid connectors, it is more convenient to use in engineering construction and can improve the operation. High efficiency, improved construction conditions, reduced operating costs, and most of the sockets are connected by rubber rings, which is simple in actual operation, can shorten the construction period and reduce the construction cost of the project. Second: 12cr5moi alloy pipe has the ability to undertake high power supply working pressure, can resist external loads and integrate into the transformation of formation conditions, pipe fittings have high compressive strength, good ductility, corrosion resistance, soft joints, easy installation and use, strong durability, labor The advantage of inferior efficiency is that it can be applied to road sections and spanning roads with poor geological environment, without the need for additional processing of seamless steel pipes, coupled with strong corrosion resistance, it can be applied to offshore and saline-alkali soil belts. It is widely used in underground pipeline projects at this stage. Large and medium-sized pipeline construction projects can better reflect the advantages of convenient and fast installation and low labor efficiency. Third: The 12cr5moi alloy pipe has good sealing function and is not easy to leak, which can reduce the leakage rate of the pipeline network and reduce the daily maintenance cost of the pipeline network.

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