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How to maintain titanium tube?

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1. 316L stainless steel titanium pipes stored for a long time should be inspected in time. Clean the frequently exposed production and processing surfaces to remove stains. It should be stored neatly in a ventilated and dry place indoors. It is forbidden to stack or store in the open air. The 316L stainless steel titanium pipe should always be kept dry and ventilated. The transparent support should be clean and stored according to the accurate storage method.

2. When installing titanium pipes, 316L stainless steel titanium pipes can be immediately installed on the pipes according to the interface method and the parts used. Generally speaking, it can be installed in any part of the pipeline, but it is necessary to facilitate detection and control. Note that for 316L stainless steel titanium pipes, the inflow of material should be upward from the underside of the vertical valve flap, while 316L stainless steel titanium pipes are only installed horizontally. When installing 316L stainless steel titanium pipes, attention should be paid to tightness to avoid leaks and gushing out, endangering the normal operation of the pipes.

3. When using 316L stainless steel titanium pipe gate valve, stop valve and stop valve, they are only used for fully open or fully closed. It is not agreed to adjust the total flow rate to prevent erosion and accelerated damage of protruding surfaces. The stop valve and the upper external thread stop valve are equipped with anti-sealing devices. When the handle is screwed to the top and tightened, packing leakage can be prevented.

4. 316L stainless steel titanium pipe adopts handle, does not rely on rods or other special tools to prevent damage to the gate valve. Turn the handle clockwise to close, and turn the handle counterclockwise to open. It should be adopted in a fair and accurate manner.

5. The anchor bolts of the 316L stainless steel elbow gate valve packing nut should be evenly tightened and must not be milled into a skewed state to prevent bumps and block the movement of the valve stem or cause leakage.

6. 316L stainless steel titanium pipe should be cleaned frequently during use. The external threads of the transmission system must be moistened in time. If there are common failures, stop immediately, find out the cause, and eliminate common failures.

How to maintain titanium tube?

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