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Why Choose Beryllium Bronze For Plastic Mold Manufacturing

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Nowadays, more and more plastic mold manufacturers have begun to use beryllium copper mold materials. Among the many metal materials, what makes beryllium copper more and more popular? How to Make Beryllium Copper Molds? What kind of characteristics make it stand out? Maybe many people don’t know what kind of metal beryllium copper is, so the editor will popularize the characteristics of beryllium copper in industrial production that are different from other metal materials. .

First of all, beryllium copper has sufficient hardness and strength: the proof of theory and practice – the hardness of beryllium copper can reach the hardness, strength and high thermal conductivity suitable for plastic mold manufacturing when it is HRC36-42, and the machining is simple and convenient. The characteristics of long service life of the mold and saving the development and production cycle, etc.

Secondly, beryllium copper has good thermal conductivity: the thermal conductivity of beryllium copper material is conducive to controlling the temperature of plastic processing molds, and it is easier to control the molding cycle, while ensuring the uniformity of mold wall temperature; using beryllium copper mold materials, cooling Time can be reduced by 40%. The molding cycle is shortened, the productivity is improved, the mold wall temperature is uniform, and the quality of the drawn product is improved; the temperature of the material can be increased, thereby reducing the wall thickness of the product and reducing the cost of the product.

Finally, the service life of the beryllium copper mold is long: when the strength and hardness of the beryllium copper meet the requirements, the insensitivity of the beryllium copper to the temperature stress of the mold can greatly improve the service life of the mold. The yield strength, modulus of elasticity, thermal conductivity and temperature expansion coefficient of beryllium copper should be considered. The resistance of beryllium copper to thermal stress is much stronger than that of die steel. From this point of view, the service life of beryllium copper is remarkable!

Beryllium bronze is widely used in the manufacture of various mold inserts, replacing steel to produce high-precision, complex-shaped molds, welding electrode materials(As cnc machining beryllium 17300), die-casting machines, injection molding machine punches, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant work, etc. Beryllium bronze is used in micro-motor brushes, mobile phones, batteries, and products. It is an indispensable and important industrial material for national economic construction.

For mold manufacturing, these properties are favorable factors for saving costs and improving product quality and production efficiency. In comparison with steel molds, the superior performance of beryllium copper has become the first choice for manufacturers to abandon other metal materials. Key factor. Heda copper alloy manufacturer, focusing on the custom production of beryllium copper alloy, welcome to consult. Dongguan Heda Metal Materials Co., Ltd.

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