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Measuring method of outer diameter of brass rod

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The outer diameter measurement of brass rods can be measured in two ways, one is to directly measure the outer diameter, and the other is to measure the ovality and outer diameter. The photoelectric diameter gauge is a high-precision measuring device used in the production line of brass rods.

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The brass rod is a rod-like object made of an alloy of copper and zinc. It is named after its yellow color. Brass with a copper content of 56% to 68% has a melting point of 934 to 967 degrees. Brass has good mechanical properties and wear resistance, and can be used to manufacture precision instruments, parts of ships, and shells of guns. The production of brass rods now tends to be more automated, so the online measurement and control of the photoelectric diameter gauge can ensure the quality and provide better finished products.

With the continuous development of industry, the automation degree of brass rod production equipment is getting higher and higher, making online measurement and automatic control particularly important. The CCD photoelectric diameter measuring and control system is a device that measures the diameter of brass rods on-line.

The photoelectric diameter gauge has functions such as diameter value display, over-tolerance alarm, PID control output and so on. The system has high measurement accuracy and stable performance. It can meet the needs of the production process of brass rods, metal or non-metal pipes and wires. It is an ideal measurement and control equipment and is very suitable for the measurement of brass rods.

The CCD outer diameter measurement and control system is composed of optical imaging, CCD drive and acquisition, analog signal processing, and single-chip microcomputer. The working principle of the CCD outer diameter measurement is: the LED point light source is placed on the focal point of the lens, and the light becomes a parallel beam after passing through the lens. The parallel beam becomes the background light of the measured object. The object is illuminated by the background light and passes through the lens. Imaging on CCD devices. CCD is a photoelectric converter made with integrated circuit technology. It stores and transmits information in the form of charge packets. It is mainly composed of photosensitive cells, input structures and output structures. Photoelectric conversion can be realized by CCD. , The signal is stored, transferred and output to achieve the purpose of CCD measuring the object image. Since the size of the object image is proportional to the size of the measured object, the size of the measured object can be obtained by measuring the size of the object image. The signal collected by the CCD is amplified and processed and then sent to the single-chip microcomputer for calculation through the input interface. The single-chip microcomputer can display the diameter value and the alarm output of the diameter value out of tolerance. At the same time, it can perform PID calculation and give the control quantity output according to the process requirements. The closed-loop control system composed of the system and the production equipment can ensure the geometric accuracy of the outer diameter of the product.

The photoelectric diameter gauge system can:

  • ①provide sufficient light energy;
  • ②have high-quality parallel light from the object;
  • ③light energy should be evenly distributed on the plane of the object to be measured.

During online measurement, the object is in a moving state, and the object often moves along the optical axis, making it impossible for the image plane and the CCD receiving surface to really coincide, and thereby causing measurement errors. In order to eliminate or reduce the measurement error, it can be achieved by controlling the chief ray of the off-axis point. Therefore, the object-side telecentric optical path is specially designed.

Taking the photoelectric measurement principle as the basic principle, high-precision online measurement can be achieved, with higher measurement accuracy and wider application range. One-way diameter gauge and two-way diameter gauge can be selected at will, and ellipticity can also be measured online.

The photoelectric diameter gauge is used in the online inspection of brass rods, which can achieve high-precision online measurement, improve quality, and control the outer diameter size through the PID function, which effectively reduces the amount of waste and defective products, and brings greater benefits to the enterprise .

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