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Market stability 15crmog alloy pipe first fell and then rose

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The environmental protection in the main production areas is slightly relaxed, and the market is stable. 15crmog Alloy pipes first fell and then rose in terms of supply. The operating rate of coke enterprises has rebounded slightly, but the environmental protection inspection has not yet ended. Some coke enterprises have continued the previous production period and have not yet returned to normal water. Some coke enterprises are involved in drainage problems, and the output of resources is relatively small. The superimposed coke enterprises are shipped smoothly. Coke inventory is temporarily low or no inventory. The domestic coke market is running strongly, and individual coke enterprises in Shanxi have started the sixth round of increase. In terms of demand, affected by the tight supply in the transportation and coke market, steel mills are generally out of stock, and the demand for coke is relatively high. Some steel mills with low coke inventories are urging goods, and the short-term coke operation is relatively strong. Steel billet: On the 9th, Tangshan (XD billet increased by 150 to 5,500 yuan/ton, and some local and surrounding steel mills in Tangshan reported 5,500 yuan/ton of ordinary carbon billet, all including tax. Due to the narrowing of the north-south price difference of 15crmog alloy pipes, the supply of steel billets from other places in Tangshan is constantly increasing. In addition, the supply of steel billets from local billet factories is still tight, and the circulation resources of steel billet market are limited. There is still a gap in the supply level. It is expected that the short-term billet price will fluctuate at a high level.Construction steel: At the close on the 9th, the price of HBIS seismic large snails in Beijing market was 5950 yuan/ton, up 180 yuan from the previous day, and 5680 yuan/ton for Shagang large snails in Shanghai market, and 120 yuan higher than the previous day in Guangzhou market. Shaogang Daluo 5770 yuan / ton, stable compared with the previous day; plate: closed on the 9th, the Shanghai market HRC closing price was 6220-6230 yuan / ton, compared to the previous day.

Looking back on the market performance of the last trading day, the price of Shencheng alloy pipes was stable. Although the snail fell sharply in the middle of the session, it had little impact on the spot, and the market price remained firm. According to the data monitored by Nishimoto: as of the close of the last trading day, the 16-25mm specification of high-quality 15crmog alloy pipe in Shanghai was quoted at 5590-5640 yuan/ton, the mainstream price of Dachang high line was around 6050 yuan/ton, and the mainstream price of coil snail was at 5900-6020 yuan / ton. Yesterday, Shencheng Construction made stable bids for 15crmog alloy pipes, and the market was mainly on the sidelines. In the middle of the session, the snail fell sharply, and the speculative demand in the market weakened, but the spot price did not follow. As the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday is approaching, the terminal stocking demand has been released, and the overall transaction performance is acceptable. Considering the decrease in the arrival of resources in the later period, the merchants are more reluctant to sell, and the short-term price is more resilient. The short holiday is imminent, and the market is more willing to maintain stability. It is expected that the 15crmog alloy pipe grid of Shencheng Construction will run in shock and consolidation today. In terms of price, the current market price of 8-10mm high wire is 4940 yuan/ton, up 20 from yesterday. The market price of steel production 8-10mm high wire is 4950 yuan/ton, up 20 from yesterday. The market price of -22mm15crmog alloy pipe is 4810 yuan / ton, up 10 from yesterday, and the market price of steel production 18-22mm15crmog alloy pipe is 4840 yuan. 15crmog alloy tube steel mill: Yonghang raised 30 yuan in early trading. At present, Kunming Iron and Steel, Shuigang, and Xianfu have successively sent to Chongqing area, and most of the 15crmog alloy tube resources have been shipped. Market delivery situation: about 10,000 tons, the demand is smooth. Not long ago, the land construction of the CEPA platform of Caofeidian 6-4 Oilfield in Hebei Province was successfully completed. As an important supplier of steel for this module, Offshore Steel has played an important role.

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