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Shenyang Machine Tool Induction Synchronizer

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Shenyang Machine Tool Induction Synchronizer

Shenyang machine tool induction synchronizer, like resolver, is a position detection device that uses the principle of electromagnetic coupling to convert displacement or rotation angle into electric master number. Essentially, an inductive synchronizer is an expanded form of a multi-stage resolver. The induction synchronizer can be divided into two types: rotary type (also known as disc type) and linear type according to the structure of its motion form. The former are used to detect angular displacement, used in precision turntables, and various rotary servo systems; the latter is used to detect linear displacement, used in automatic positioning of large and precision Cnc machine tools, displacement digital display and CNC systems, both work principle and works the same way.
1) Structure of Shenyang Machine Tool Induction Synchronizer
The induction synchronizer is composed of stator and slide rule. The fixed-length and sliding-rules usually use high-quality carbon steel as the base, and generally use magnetically conductive materials whose expansion coefficient is as close as possible to the installed main base. The fixed delay and the sliding ruler are installed equally, and a certain gap is maintained. A continuous plane winding is made on the surface of the fixed length (copper foil is pasted on the base with insulating agent, and a square open plane winding is made by escape or chemical corrosion method); a layer of Aluminum foil is often pasted around the slide ruler and the winding to prevent electrostatic interference, There are two sets of segmented windings on the center, which are called sine winding and cosine winding. These two windings are staggered by 1/4 of the pitch relative to the fixed-length winding. The pitch is represented by 2r. When installing the fixed-length component As with the slide rule assembly, which is mounted on the stationary and moving parts of the CNC machine, such as the table and bed, the slide rule is mounted on the CNC machine and is naturally grounded. When working, when the excitation voltage is applied to any one of the two windings of the sliding scale, the induced voltage of the same frequency will be induced in the fixed-length winding due to electromagnetic induction. By measuring the induced voltage, it can be accurately measured. Output displacement. The inductive synchronizer uses the inductance to detect the position of the voltage change.
2) Application of Shenyang Machine Tool Induction Synchronizer
Like the resolver, the induction synchronizer has two application methods: phase monitoring and amplitude monitoring, and the principle is also the same.
3) Features of induction synchronizer
(1) High precision. Because the pitch error of the fixed length has an average self-compensation effect, the accuracy of the ruler itself can be made higher. The measurement of the displacement of the CNC machine tool by the linear induction synchronizer is a direct measurement without any mechanical transmission device, and the measurement accuracy mainly depends on the accuracy of the ruler. The sensitivity (also known as resolution) of the inductive synchronizer depends on the degree of electrical subdivision in one cycle. The improvement of the sensitivity is limited by the signal-to-noise ratio in the electronic subdivision circuit. As long as the circuit is carefully designed and strict anti-interference is adopted The measures can reduce the electrical noise to a very low level and obtain high stability.
(2) The measurement length is not limited. When the measured length is greater than 250mm, multiple fixed lengths can be used to connect the length, and the adjacent centering interval can be adjusted with a block gauge or a laser length measuring instrument, so that the cumulative error on the total length is not greater than the maximum deviation of the single block centering. In medium-sized CNC machine tools with a stroke of several meters to tens of meters, the linear measurement of table displacement is mostly realized by linear induction synchronizers.
(3) High adaptability to the environment. Because the thermal expansion system of the metal substrate of the induction synchronizer and the cast iron of the bed are similar, high repeatability can be obtained when the temperature changes. In addition, the induction synchronizer is a non-contact space coupling device, so the protection requirements are low, and The non-magnetic conductive paint with good temperature resistance can be selected as the protective layer to enhance the temperature and humidity resistance of the induction synchronizer.
(4) Simple maintenance and long service life. The fixed length and sliding ruler of the induction synchronizer are not in contact with each other, so there is no friction and wear, and the service life is long, and there is no need to worry about the aging of components.
In addition, the induction synchronizer has strong anti-interference ability, good manufacturability, and low cost, which is convenient for replication and mass production. The maintenance of the induction synchronizer should pay attention to:
  • (1) During installation, the fixed length and the sliding ruler must be kept relatively parallel, and the adjustment gap is preferably 0.09~0.15mm.
  • (2) Prevent iron filings from entering between the fixed length and the sliding ruler, so as not to damage the fixed length surface.
  • (3) The connection line is fixed, and the detection signal line cannot be stressed when the CNC machine tool moves, so as to avoid disconnection.


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