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What Is Brass H80?

Brass H80, ordinary brass plate (soft, ≥0.5mm), the standard is GB/T 2041-1989, with higher strength, better plasticity, higher corrosion resistance, etc., used as thin-walled pipes, corrugated pipes Papermaking nets and housing construction supplies.

H80 introduction

Material name: Ordinary brass plate (soft, ≥0.5mm)
Chinese name: Brass H80
Grade: H80
Standard: GB/T 2041-1989

●Characteristics and scope of application:

H80 ordinary brass has similar properties to H85, with higher strength, better plasticity and higher corrosion resistance. It is used for thin-walled pipes, corrugated pipe papermaking nets and housing construction supplies.


It can be used for various deep-drawn and bending-manufactured stressed parts, such as pins, rivets, washers, nuts, pipes, barometers, screens, radiator parts, etc. It has good mechanical properties, good plasticity in hot state, good plasticity in cold state, good machinability, easy to be welded and welded, corrosion resistance, used for papermaking nets, thin-walled pipes, corrugated pipes and housing construction supplies. A variety of high-precision brass that is widely used.

●Chemical composition:

Copper Cu: 79.0~81.0
Zinc Zn: margin
Lead Pb: ≤0.03
Phosphorus P: ≤0.01
Iron Fe: ≤0.10
Antimony Sb: ≤0.005
Bismuth Bi: ≤0.005
Note: ≤0.3 (impurities)

●Mechanical properties:

Tensile strength σb (MPa): ≥265
Elongation δ10 (%): ≥50
Note: Tensile mechanical properties of the sheet
Sample size: thickness ≥0.5

Heat treatment

●Heat treatment specification: hot working temperature is 820~870℃; annealing temperature is 600~700℃; low temperature annealing temperature to eliminate internal stress is 260℃.

Some grades of copper alloy

Briefly introduce the following commonly used copper alloy grades:

T1 pure copper H68A brass rod QBe1.9-0.1 Beryllium Bronze Plate
T2 pure copper HSn90-1 tin brass QBe1.7 beryllium bronze plate
T3 pure copper HSn62-1 tin brass QBe0.6-2.5 beryllium bronze plate
TU0 oxygen-free copper plate HSn60-1 tin brass QBe0.4-1.8 Beryllium Bronze Plate
TU1 oxygen-free copper HAl67-2.5 aluminum brass QBe0.3-1.5 beryllium bronze plate
TU2 oxygen-free copper HAl61-4-3-1 aluminum brass plate QSi3-1 Silicon Bronze Plate
TP1 Phosphorus Deoxidized Copper HAl60-1-1 aluminum brass plate QSi1-3 silicon bronze plate
TP2 Phosphorus Deoxidized Copper HAl59-3-2 aluminum brass plate QSi3.5-3-1.5 Silicon Bronze Plate
TAg0.1 silver copper alloy HAl66-6-3-2 aluminum brass plate QMn1.5 manganese brass plate
H96 brass plate HMn62-3-3-7 manganese brass plate QMn2 manganese brass plate
H90 brass plate HMn58-2 manganese brass plate QMn5 Manganese Brass Plate
H85 brass plate HMn57-3-1 manganese brass plate QZr0.2 Zirconium Bronze Plate
H80 brass plate HMn55-3-1 manganese brass plate QZr0.4 zirconium bronze plate
H70 brass plate HFe59-1-1 iron brass plate QCr1 chromium zirconium copper plate
H68 brass plate HFe58-1-1 iron brass plate QCr0.5 chromium zirconium copper plate
H65 brass plate HSi80-3 Silicon Brass Plate QCr0.5-0.2-0.1 chromium zirconium copper plate
H63 brass plate QSn1.5-0.2 tin brass plate QCr0.6-0.4-0.05 chromium zirconium copper plate
H62 brass plate QSn4-0.3 tin bronze rod QCd1 Cadmium Bronze Plate
H59 brass plate QSn4-3 tin bronze rod QMg0.8 Magnesium Bronze Plate
HNi65-5 nickel brass QSn4-4-2.5 tin bronze rod QFe2.5 iron bronze plate
 HNi56-3 nickel brass QSn4-4-4 tin bronze rod QFe0.5 tellurium bronze
 HPb89-2 lead brass QSn6.5-0.1 tin bronze rod B0.6 Ordinary copper-nickel alloy
HPb66-0.5 lead brass  QSn6.5-0.4 tin bronze rod B5 ordinary copper-nickel alloy
 HPb63-3 lead brass QSn7-0.2 tin bronze rod B19 ordinary copper-nickel alloy
HPb63-0.1 lead brass QSn8-0.3 tin bronze rod B25 ordinary copper-nickel alloy
 HPb62-0.8 lead brass  QAl5 aluminum bronze plate B30 ordinary copper-nickel alloy
HPb62-3 lead brass QAl7 aluminum bronze plate BFe5-1.5-0.5 ordinary copper-nickel alloy
 HPb62-2 lead brass QAl9-2 aluminum bronze plate BFe10-1-1 ordinary copper-nickel alloy
 HPb61-1 lead brass QAl9-4 aluminum bronze plate BFe30-1-1 ordinary copper-nickel alloy
 HPb60-2 lead brass QAl10-3-1.5 aluminum bronze plate BMn3-12 Manganese Cupronickel
HPb59-3 lead brass QAl10-4-4 aluminum bronze plate BMn40-1.5 Manganese Cupronickel
HPb59-1 lead brass QAl11-6-6 aluminum bronze plate BMn43-0.5 Manganese Cupronickel
HAl77-2 aluminum brass QAl9-5-1-1 aluminum bronze plate BZn18-18 zinc white copper
HSn70-1 tin brass QAl10-5-5 aluminum bronze plate BZn18-26 zinc white copper
H85A brass rod QBe2 Beryllium Bronze Plate BZn15-20 zinc cupronickel
 H70A brass rod QBe1.9 Beryllium Bronze Plate BZn15-21-1.8 zinc white copper
 BZn15-24-1.5 zinc white copper


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