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Beryllium Copper 17500

The physical and chemical property parameters of beryllium copper 17500 material are as follows:

Physical properties

  • Density (g/cm³): 8.75;
  • Specific heat capacity (J/g·℃): 0.42;
  • Thermal conductivity (W/m K): 125;
  • Tensile strength (MPa): 240;
  • Elongation (%) ≥ 20;
  • Hardness (HB) ≤ 50.

Chemical properties

  • Beryllium (Be) content (%): 0.40-0.7;
  • Silicon (Si) content (%): 0.20;
  • Iron (Fe) content (%): 0.10;
  • Copper (Cu) content (%): balance;
  • Cobalt (Co) content (%): 2.4-2.7.

Beryllium copper 17500 material has excellent performance and wide application, but it should be noted that during processing and use, direct contact between beryllium copper material and human skin should be avoided to avoid hazards such as beryllium poisoning.

Have you ever heard of the wonder material Beryllium Copper 17500? What properties and fields of application does it have? This article will take you in-depth understanding of the mystery of beryllium copper 17500, and reveal its unique advantages and values.

The Basic characteristics of beryllium copper 17500 material

Beryllium copper 17500 is a high-performance, high-conductivity, high-hardness copper alloy material, which is made of beryllium and copper mixed in a certain proportion and processed by a special process. The following are the basic characteristics of beryllium copper 17500:

  • High conductivity: The conductivity of beryllium copper 17500 is even better than that of pure copper, which makes it widely used in high-voltage power transmission, transformers and other fields.
  • High hardness: The hardness of beryllium copper 17500 is higher than that of ordinary copper alloy, which can reach HRC38-43, which makes it have excellent wear resistance and corrosion resistance.
  • High elasticity: Beryllium copper 17500 has high elasticity and can be widely used in the manufacture of springs, elastic components, fasteners, etc.
  • Good high-temperature performance: Beryllium copper 17500 can still maintain high strength and rigidity at high temperatures, so it is widely used in high-temperature structural parts in aerospace, automotive and other fields.
  • Good processing performance: Cnc Machining beryllium copper 17500 is easy to process into parts of various complex shapes, and can also be strengthened by heat treatment to improve its comprehensive performance.

The Application field of beryllium copper 17500 material

Due to the excellent performance of beryllium copper 17500, it has been widely used in the following fields:

  • Electronic appliances: beryllium copper 17500 is widely used in the field of electronic appliances, such as transformers, capacitors, electrodes, contactors, etc. Its high conductivity and high hardness ensure that these components function properly in harsh environments.
  • Military manufacturing: Beryllium copper 17500 has important application value in the field of military manufacturing. For example, its high elasticity can be used to make springs in military equipment such as precision instruments and navigation equipment; its high hardness can be used to make bullet casings and warheads for firearms and ammunition.
  • Aerospace: The high temperature performance and good processability of beryllium copper 17500 make it an ideal material choice in the aerospace field. For example, high-temperature components such as blades and combustion chambers of aircraft engines can be made of beryllium copper 17500.
  • Automobile industry: Beryllium copper 17500 can be used to manufacture precision parts such as fuel injectors and valve seat rings of automobile engines. Its high precision and high strength can ensure long-term stable operation of these parts in harsh environments.
  • Medical devices: The high biocompatibility and non-toxic properties of beryllium copper 17500 make it widely used in the field of medical devices. For example, artificial joints, implants and other medical products can be manufactured.
  • Electric energy: The high conductivity and high strength of beryllium copper 17500 make it an ideal choice in the field of electric energy. For example, it can be used to manufacture connectors, electrodes, etc. of high-voltage transmission lines.

The Market prospect and advantages of beryllium copper 17500 material

With the continuous advancement of science and technology, the application fields of beryllium copper 17500 materials are constantly expanding. Driven by emerging industries such as new energy vehicles and intelligent manufacturing, the market demand for beryllium copper 17500 materials will continue to grow. The following are the advantages and development opportunities of beryllium copper 17500 materials:

  • Wide range of applications: Beryllium copper 17500 material has a wide range of applications in different industries, which makes its market prospect very broad.
    High added value: Beryllium copper 17500 material has high added value due to its special properties and excellent processing ability, which can bring higher performance and value to products.
  • Environmental protection: beryllium copper 17500 material will not produce harmful substances during use, which is friendly to the environment and conforms to the current development trend of green environmental protection.
  • Technological innovation: With the continuous advancement of science and technology, the application fields of beryllium copper 17500 materials will be further expanded, such as applications in new energy, intelligent manufacturing and other fields. This provides new opportunities for technological innovation and product upgrading of enterprises.

Beryllium copper 1750 is a high-performance material with wide application prospects. By understanding its characteristics, application fields and market prospects, we can better grasp the advantages and value of this material and provide strong support for the development of various industries. Let us pay attention to the development trend of beryllium copper 1750 material and look forward to more miracles in the future!

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