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Brass H90

What Is Brass H90?

Brass H90 is a metal with 90% copper content, also known as gold medal brass. It belongs to ordinary brass, the performance is similar to H96, but the strength is slightly higher than H96. It has good mechanical properties and pressure processing properties, good surface treatment properties, metal plating and enamel coating, and is the main material for bullet shells.


Material name: H90 ordinary brass
Standard: (GB/T 5231-2001)

Scope of application

Brass H90 has fine gloss, good processability, drawability and corrosion resistance. It is not easy to break due to aging, and can be used in building materials, personal accessories, cosmetic accessories, water heater tanks, horn locks, zipper pulls, bullet heads, and car lamp caps. Brass H90 has good mechanical properties and corrosion resistance, can withstand hot and cold pressing, and is easily tinned. It is mainly used for radiator cold and heat pipe materials and radiator wave belts.

Brass H90 and H96 have similar performance, slightly higher strength, can be plated, and used for various water supply and drainage pipes, bimetallic sheets and medals, artworks, etc.

chemical composition

Cu: 88.0-91.0
Zn: margin
Impurities: 0.2

Mechanical properties

Tensile strength: (σb/MPa) ≥390
Elongation: (δ10/%)≥3

H90 environmental protection brass rod

H90 environmental protection brass rod is a QAl9-4, high-strength and anti-friction appliance.

Basic Information

Material name: Aluminum bronze drawn rod (hard, 5~40mm)
Grade: QAl9-4
Standard: GB/T 4423-1992

Characteristics and scope of application

High strength and anti-friction material, iron-containing aluminum bronze, with high strength and anti-friction properties, good corrosion resistance, good press workability under hot conditions, electric welding and gas welding, but not fiber weldability Good, it can be used as a substitute for high tin wear-resistant bronze.

chemical composition

Copper Cu: The balance Tin Sn: ≤0.1 Zinc Zn: ≤1.0  Lead Pb: ≤0.01
Lead Pb: ≤0.01
Boron P: ≤0.01
Aluminum Al: 8.0~10.0
Iron Fe: 2.0~4.0
Manganese Mn: ≤0.5
Silicon Si: ≤0.1
Note: ≤1.7 (impurities)

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