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Why is the titanium alloy frame called the soul of the bicycle?

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Cycling is a common sport. In daily life, more and more people begin to include bicycles in their fitness equipment list. What characteristics should a good bicycle have? As we all know, the frame is one of the most important parts of a bicycle, and its material has a great influence on the performance of the bicycle. Today we take a look at ordinary bicycle frame materials, which one is more durable in daily life.

 Why is the titanium alloy frame called the soul of the bicycle?

Titanium alloy frame performance

(1) The strength of titanium and its alloys is equivalent to that of alloy steel.

(2) The fatigue life of the titanium alloy frame is 5 times higher than that of the general steel frame and aluminum frame; this means that the life of the bicycle will be extended.

(3) Excellent corrosion resistance and long life. Titanium alloy is a high-performance material used in aerospace products. It has excellent metal material properties and is an internationally recognized advanced and ideal material for the production of high-end bicycles for various competitions and leisure.

Advantages of titanium alloy frame

(1) Titanium alloy can make a lightweight and strong frame. The addition of aluminum and vanadium to the titanium metal has higher elasticity (compared with aluminum) and is also conducive to the design of the overall frame;

(2) No rust: Titanium will hardly be corroded under normal conditions, and its appearance will not change for a long time.

(3) Titanium is also used in the spring of shock absorbers. Frames made of titanium are now suitable for long-term riding. Some riders love titanium frames and have a great riding feeling;

Aluminum alloy frame performance

Aluminum is a material with low elasticity and rigidity. Its specific gravity is light but not hard enough. In order to increase its strength, it is made into an alloy and subjected to heat treatment. Many aluminum alloy frames are made of 6061T6[i] material, and the T6 mark indicates heat treatment. Without heat treatment, the strength can only reach 1/2, or 1/5. Generally small factories are unable to purchase heat treatment equipment. In addition, there are usually 7005 and 7075 aluminum alloy materials used in the production of bicycle frames. The strength of 7005 alloy is not as strong as 7075 alloy.

Aluminum itself is a metal that is susceptible to corrosion. When riding a bicycle with this material, the more times you ride, the higher the number of times stress [ii] occurs, and the strength also changes significantly. In recent years, in order to seek light weight, many frames are made of thin materials (the degree of thinness has reached the limit), and their service life will be greatly affected.

Chrome-molybdenum steel frame performance

The bicycle frame made of chromium molybdenum steel is the material of the earliest bicycle frame. The main advantages include good rigidity for long-term riding, flexible pipes (shock absorption), multiple pipe joints and good workability, easy welding and no heat treatment, so the cost and price are relatively low. The disadvantage is that the weight is too heavy, improper maintenance is easy to rust, and metal fatigue is obvious (technical fatigue caused by stress concentration), which affects the strength of the frame. When the fatigue of the metal reaches a certain level, the frame may suddenly break.

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