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The Important Role Of Sheet Metal Workers In Military Vehicle Maintenance

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When military vehicles are in field training, on duty and on duty, accidents such as collisions and scratches will inevitably occur with each other, and corresponding maintenance must be carried out before stopping. With the development of modern automobile technology and the use of new materials, the gap between military vehicles and traditional vehicles is getting bigger and bigger, which brings new problems to the collision maintenance of modern military vehicles.

In the 1940s, automobiles began to adopt beamless structures. In order to meet the economic and environmental requirements of the automobile industry, the quality of steel plates for various military vehicles is getting smaller and smaller, the thickness of steel plates is getting thinner, and the alloy composition of materials is getting lower and higher. The requirements for automobile collision repair technology are getting higher and higher. Automobile cymbal metal repair is the work of repairing the large and small damage caused by automobile collision, that is, automobile body repair, which is different from traditional tin and cold cymbal metalworking, and plays a pivotal role in the entire military sheet metal maintenance process. The recovery degree of body collision damage will directly affect the performance and safety structure of the car after repair. After the collision damage of military vehicles in traffic accidents, the injured parts are damaged to varying degrees. The repair of these damages is the specific work that the car cymbal gold repairman has to do.

For an accident vehicle, if the repair of the body collision damage is not in place, then all the devices connected to the body, including core components such as the engine and transmission, will be difficult to work normally. For example: if the body girders connecting the front and rear axles are stretched and repaired improperly, the front and rear axles will not work normally, and in serious cases, new and larger faults will occur, such as resonance, deviation, and gnawing. Tire and so on. If the roof of the car body collapses in a large area and the repair is not in place, stress concentration will occur locally on the roof, shortening the service life, and in serious cases, water leakage and dust leakage will occur, seriously interfering with the normal driving of the driver. This is especially true for the body. If the recovery is not in place, the body glass will not be able to lift normally, and the doors will not close tightly. New military vehicles mostly use high-strength rigid materials, and part of the body structure adopts the “3H” structure. Once a collision occurs, if the body structure cannot be effectively restored, it will bring greater safety hazards to the vehicle. During driving, the safety of the body is active safety, while the safety of the driver and passengers is passive safety. Therefore, the safety of the body should be ensured first, so that the seat belts, airbags, etc. safety protection.

The work of auto maintenance sheet metal workers has high technical content and strong technical requirements. At present, almost all auto maintenance companies at home and abroad are conducting theoretical and practical training for front-line metal workers from time to time, so as to enrich their technical connotation and make them familiar with modern technology. New car body structures, body materials, and the latest repair technology for body collision damage, skilled use of various domestic and foreign sheet metal equipment and tools, vigorously update and improve their cymbal metal repair skills. In the period when the whole army pays attention to vehicle driving safety and prevents various accidents, auto maintenance workers should improve their skills, eliminate hidden dangers, and do a good job in body repair.

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