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CNC Lathe Zero Speed ​​Relay Unit (IRD05)

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Cnc Lathe Zero Speed ​​Relay Unit (IRD05)

The circuit of the zero-speed relay unit of the CNC lathe, the main function of this unit is to report the working state of the motor through the pull-in and release of the relay. When the relay is closed, it means that the motor is stationary; when the relay is released, it means that the motor is rotating; in addition, the unit also has the function of changing the feedback polarity of the tachogenerator.
The circuit of CNC lathe IRD05 unit is mainly composed of Xl, X2, resistance, capacitance and so on. CNC lathe X1 is a voltage comparator, which is controlled by two input signals. One signal is the voltage signal of the tachogenerator input from terminals 5 and 7, which is converted into a single positive polarity signal through U1-U4, and is added to the input end of the amplifier through R13 and R14. The other signal is the zero-speed setting voltage drawn by the voltage divider composed of R3, R4, and R5.
When the motor is stationary, the voltage of the tachometer is zero, the X1 amplifier turns over under the action of the zero-speed setting voltage, and X1 outputs a positive voltage. It is: ten 15V (P) ~ Rl0- (29) a relay coil – (3) -X2 (c -e) +OV.
When the motor rotates, the voltage of the tachogenerator is not zero, the voltage is converted into a positive voltage by U1-U4, and added to the Xl comparator by R13 and R14. CNC lathes as long as it is greater than the voltage set at zero speed. The Xl comparator is flipped. The output voltage of X1 changes from positive to negative. Under the action of this voltage, the transistor X2 changes from an on state to an off state, and the zero-speed relay is de-energized and released. The CNC lathe R8 is the positive feedback resistance of the Xl amplifier, and its function is to promote the xi to accelerate the turning.
By changing the parameters of the voltage divider, the range of the speed insensitive zone can be adjusted. The insensitive zone of this system is that the speed of the motor is at 15, / ln. nblTo That is, when the motor speed is greater than or equal to 15r/r 15r”i”
The zero-speed relay is only released when power is lost, indicating that the motor is rotating; when the motor speed is less than 15r/min, the zero-speed relay will suck the table, indicating that the motor is stationary.
Another function of this unit is to input the tachogenerator voltage converted by U1-U4 to the speed regulator unit (IRD02) through terminal 1, as a speed feedback signal.


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