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316LVM stainless steel uses vacuum arc remelting (VAR) technology. The process produces more consistent chemistry with minimal voids and contaminants, making it more suitable for use as a surgical implant.

Similar brands

00Cr18Ni14Mo3 (China), DIN X2CrNiMo18-15-3 (Germany), 1.4441 (Germany), UNS S31673 (USA)

Chemical composition elements (wt%):

C≤0.030% Mn≤2.00% Si≤0.75% P≤0.025% S≤0.010% N≤0.10% Cu≤0.50% Ni=13~15% Cr=17.0~19.0% Mo=2.25~3.00% Fe=balance

Relevant technical standards

GB 4234-2003 Stainless steel for surgical implants

ASTM F138 Implanted Stainless Steel Rod and Wire

ISO 5832-1 Surgical implants—Metal


In addition to being used as surgical implants, 316LVM has also been gradually used in recent years to make body piercing accessories such as lip nails, tongue nails, ear nails, and navel nails.

Product forms and specifications available

Cold drawn bars: specifications: Φ0.6~60mm, dimensional tolerance: ±0.01~±0.1mm;

Bright rod: specifications: Φ0.6~60mm, dimensional tolerance: H7~H9;

Hot rolled bars: specifications: Φ6~100mm, dimensional tolerance: ±0.15~±0.30mm;

Cold rolled steel plate: specifications: Φ1.0~6.5mm, dimensional tolerance: -0.15mm, +0.1~0.25mm;

Solid fusion wire: specifications: Φ0.1~1.2mm, dimensional tolerance: ±0.01~±0.02mm.

We also provide various specifications of curved plates, pipes, square steel, hexagonal rods and semi-finished orthopedic screws.

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