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A good way to protect the environment and save energy with water source heat pump units

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The 2006 Beijing Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Exhibition, hosted by the Beijing Municipal Government and hosted by the Beijing Municipal Development and Reform Commission, opened on June 13 at the National Agricultural Exhibition Hall. The theme of this exhibition is “Conservation and Development”. It will disseminate national energy conservation and environmental protection regulations and policies, display and purchase energy conservation and environmental protection technologies, equipment and products, and provide services for central state agencies, Beijing energy conservation government procurement, and Green Olympic procurement. Officials from the Department of International Energy Cooperation of the U.S. Department of Energy and relevant German government departments also organized companies to participate in this exhibition, among which the heat pump central air-conditioning system became the focus of much attention at the exhibition. This time the editor will focus on introducing you to several water source heat pump products.
Water source heat pump is a high-efficiency and energy-saving air conditioning system that uses the earth’s surface or shallow water sources (such as groundwater, rivers and lakes), or artificial recycled water sources (industrial wastewater, geothermal tail water, etc.) to provide both heating and cooling. Water source heat pump technology uses heat pump units to transfer heat energy from low temperature to high temperature, using water and ground energy storage as heat sources for heating and cold sources for air conditioning in winter and summer respectively. That is, in winter, the heat in the water and ground is “taken” It comes out, raises the temperature, and supplies indoor heating; in summer, the indoor heat is taken out and released into the water body and the ground. This type of product is fully in line with the world’s theme of “energy saving and environmental protection”. Water source heat pump unit SHKF series product features:
High efficiency and energy saving: Due to the greatly improved operating conditions of refrigeration and heating, water source heat pump units have low condensation temperatures in summer and no frost in winter. The unit energy efficiency ratio (COP) is 70-90% higher than that of air-cooled heat pump units. Can significantly save operating costs. More importantly, when the system uses solar energy, the hot water boiler can be completely eliminated in winter, which completely saves the fuel consumption of the boiler and saves up to about 75% of air conditioning operating costs in winter.
Utilization of solar energy: The water source heat pump unit has low requirements for the quality of cold and heat sources, and can utilize solar energy according to local conditions. Solar thermal storage equipment can provide heat sources to the water source heat pump unit. For example, through solar collectors, inverse temperature difference solar pools made of natural water surfaces, rivers and lakes, etc., the central air-conditioning system does not need to be equipped with a central hot water boiler, completely eliminating the energy consumption of the central air-conditioning hot water boiler and significantly reducing the energy consumption of the central air-conditioning hot water boiler. Operating costs of central air conditioning systems.
Internal heat recovery: In the transition season between spring and autumn, in some large air-conditioned places, sometimes the outer area needs heating and the inner area needs cooling. According to the conventional central air-conditioning system design method, a four-pipe system should be used, that is, one set of heating pipes and one set of cooling pipes. At the same time, both the refrigeration host and the heating host must run at the same time. Since the water source carrier of the water source heat pump unit is shared, waste heat recovery can be realized most conveniently. Some units in the inner area discharge heat to the water body during cooling operation, and some units in the outer area absorb heat from the water body during heating operation, thereby realizing waste heat recovery and greatly saving energy. consumption and air conditioning operating costs.
Waste heat recovery and utilization: Since the water source heat die casting custom automotive zinc alloy pump housing unit has low requirements for the grade of the heat source during winter operation, it only needs low-grade heat source water of 15~25°C, which is conducive to the recovery of waste heat.
Household metering: Since water source heat pump units are installed in pieces, the energy consumption of air conditioners is mainly the electric energy of air conditioner end users. Since users set up electricity meters independently, the electricity meters are borne by the users themselves. The energy consumption of the water system can be apportioned according to the amount of electricity used by air-conditioning users, and can be measured accurately by household. Reasonable billing and convenient property management.
No visual pollution: In high-end communities such as villas and apartments, as well as office buildings and office buildings, because split air conditioners are often used, air conditioner outdoor units are everywhere and messy, causing visual pollution and reducing the image of the community. Both the indoor and outdoor units of the water source heat pump unit can be installed indoors. There is no air-conditioning outdoor unit on the exterior wall of the building, completely eliminating visual pollution.
Save investment: Compared with large-scale central air conditioners, there is no need for a machine room, saving machine room land and machine room construction costs. The air-conditioning water system pipelines do not need to be insulated, saving project investment.
Can be invested in installments: Since the terminal equipment of the water source heat pump unit system is completely independent, users can install and invest in installments as needed.
Reduced power distribution capacity: Due to the high energy efficiency ratio of water source heat pump units, the power consumption of air conditioners is greatly reduced. Compared with air-cooled heat pump units, the transformer capacity can be reduced by about 30%, saving power investment.
Diverse types: The air handler of the unit is available in ceiling-mounted, horizontal concealed, horizontal exposed, embedded and other forms to meet the individual needs of users.
​​Convenient control: Using microcomputer intelligent control, each room can be controlled and adjusted independently.
Convenient maintenance: the system is simple and the failure rate is low; each unit operates independently, and the failure of a single unit does not affect the overall situation, and there is no need to shut down the entire system for maintenance.
Suitable for renovation of old buildings: During the renovation of old buildings, there is no need to destroy the original building structure, which is safe and reliable.
Utilizing geothermal resources: In places with abundant groundwater resources, geothermal resources can be fully utilized. Since deep groundwater has almost constant temperature all year round, it is the best cooling source for air conditioners and heat source for heat pump operation. It can greatly improve the efficiency of the unit and reduce the user’s operating costs. 50%. More importantly, the cooling tower and boiler of the air-conditioning system can be completely eliminated, thus maximizing the investment in air-conditioning projects. ​
Water source heat pump with heat recovery chiller 40ST
The cooling range is: 1152.9KW~3769.6KW, the heating range is: 1399.2KW~4579.2KW, and the frozen water outlet temperature is 7℃~12℃.
1. One machine has multiple functions and is widely used. The water source heat pump system can not only cool, but also heat and provide domestic hot water, so that energy can be fully and effectively utilized;
2. Highly efficient and energy-saving, the COP value is as high as 6.2, which saves 30% to 80% more energy than ordinary air conditioners; 3. Safe and reliable, the fairly stable water temperature ensures more stable operation of the unit;
4. Green and environmentally friendly, no boiler system is required for heating, and no cooling water tower is required for cooling, achieving no pollution and zero emissions; 5. Small size and small footprint;
6. The unit adopts a touch screen microcomputer control system, which is easy to operate and more reliable in operation.
Editor’s comment: This unit has multiple uses, reducing investment; high efficiency and energy saving; safe and reliable; the latest touch screen microcomputer control allows users to bill independently, adjust water temperature, room temperature, start and stop time or remotely monitor.
Water source heat pump unit SRSW-40-1 Clement water source heat pump unit

Product features: Clemente geothermal central air-conditioning (water source heat pump heating and cooling central air-conditioning) uses ground energy (groundwater) as the main energy source. It uses electric energy to develop and utilize the inexhaustible but difficult-to-use low-level energy in the underground through advanced equipment. , turning it into usable high potential energy. It can not only meet the requirements of heating in winter and cooling in summer, but also solve the supply problem of sanitary hot water at the same time, fully demonstrating its functional characteristics of three uses in one machine. Due to the use of ground energy, under normal circumstances, more than 5kW of cooling capacity or more than 4kW of heat energy can be obtained by inputting 1kW of electric energy. Therefore, the operating cost of ground-temperature central air conditioning is much lower than that of traditional heating and introduce the cooling forming of zirconia ceramic structural parts.
Editor’s summary: Water source heat pump central air conditioning is one of the most energy-saving and environmentally friendly central air conditioning systems on the market. It has the characteristics of triple supply of heating, cooling, and domestic hot water, no visual pollution, reduced power distribution capacity, and reduced waste of resources. It is applicable to a wide range of areas. In recent years, water source heat pump air conditioning systems have gained industry understanding and recognition in my country, and many successful project cases have emerged in various regions. Today, when “environmental protection skills” are strongly promoted, every user has the responsibility to contribute. What are you waiting for?

Product features: Refrigeration capacity: 142.8; The water source heat pump central air-conditioning system can use lake water, river water, groundwater and geothermal tail water resources, with the help of a compressor and consume part of the film, in winter, “take” out the low-grade energy in the water; In summer, the indoor heat is taken out and released into the water to achieve the purpose of air conditioning. Adhering to the design concepts of high efficiency, environmental protection, intelligence and reliability, absorbing the latest domestic and foreign air conditioning and refrigeration technologies, and combining with China’s specific usage conditions, Taijia has developed high-performance water source heat pump units.

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