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Achieve quick replacement of cold shear blades

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Cold shearing is used to cut steel after cooling, so the force is greater. The connection requirements between the shear body and the shear blade are relatively high and must be able to withstand large shear forces.

In the ordinary bolt connection method, 12 M36 bolts are generally used to fasten the upper and lower shearing blades. It is very troublesome to replace the shearing blades, which usually takes about 50 minutes.

The method of quickly changing metal fabrication cold shear blades adopted in the 1990s was:

Connect the shear blade to the shear tire with dovetail groove in advance, then insert the assembled shear blade into the dovetail groove of the shear body, and use a hydraulic center to fix the cold shear body together. When replacing the shear blade, you only need to remove the old shear blade. The assembly device uses a hydraulic cylinder to push out, and then the new shear blade is pulled incurling aluminum cylinder. The upper and lower cutting blades can be replaced at the same time, and the whole process takes about 5 to 7 minutes.

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