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Advantages Of Carbon Fiber Wind Turbine Blades

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Advantages Of Carbon Fiber Wind Turbine Blades

Wind power is a dry “green” energy, which is pollution-free in the process of power generation, and its driving force is the inexhaustible natural wind. Wind power vanadium is developing towards high power, and the blades are getting longer and longer. Take 1.5MW mainstream large-scale wind turbines as an example, the blades are 34-37m long, and each piece weighs about 6t , which is quite technically difficult.
At present, most of the composite blades are made of glass fiber reinforced resin-based composite materials , and a small amount of carbon fiber composite materials is used because the former is low in price and low in production cost, while the latter is expensive. Although the overall performance of CFRP is better than that of GFRP, it cannot be applied in large quantities, and a transition period is required. From the perspective of development trends, CFRP blades will be the mainstream products. Carbon fiber composite materials have many excellent properties and are one of the best materials for manufacturing wind turbine blades. These excellent performances are mainly summarized in the following aspects.
1. High specific strength and specific modulus, and light weight. The weight of the blade made of CFRP is about 30% lighter than that of GFRP. The ripple effect of the lightweight blade is also very significant, so that the transmission system, tower and platform can be reduced in weight, and the overall weight can be reduced.
2. The rigidity of CFRP is large, about twice as large as that of GFRP. This is not only conducive to the design of the pre-curved shape, but also easy to maintain a certain distance between the rotating surface of the blade and the tower during operation, so that it can operate stably for a long time.
3. CFRP has excellent vibration damping characteristics, it is not easy to start vibration, and it is easy to dampen and stop vibration after vibration, which can avoid the possibility of resonance between the natural vibration frequency of the blade and other short-term vibration frequencies, and make the system run stably.
4. CFRP has high fatigue strength and long service life, which can meet the design requirements of 20 years. The atmospheric environment changes frequently, and the wind speed and direction are changeable. In particular, atmospheric turbulence causes blade flutter and cyclic loads that often lead to fatigue fractures. Adopt CFRP with high fatigue resistance and long service life.
5. Corrosion resistance, strong adaptability to the environment, carbon fiber is resistant to acid, alkali and salt, and has very strong corrosion resistance. The fan blades made of CFRP can be used in coastal areas, saline-alkali areas or acid-base environments, and can withstand a long time erosion.

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What Is Carbon Fiber?Carbon fiber is made of polyacrylonitrile (PAN) (or pitch, viscose) and other organic fibers by carbonization (removal of most elements except carbon) by pyrolysis method under inert gas at high temperature above 1,000 °C. Inorganic polymer fibers with a carbon content of more than 90%.

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