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Analysis on Green Design of Hydraulic System

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1. The green design principle of hydraulic systems incorporates environmental principles based on the technical principles, cost principles, and ergonomic principles commonly used in traditional hydraulic system design, and prioritizes environmental principles. The principles of hydraulic system design can be summarized as follows:

(1) Principle of optimal resource utilization

Minimize the use of scarce or rare raw materials, try to find alternative materials, and use more waste, surplus or recycled materials as raw materials; Improve the reliability and service life of products; Minimize the types of materials in the product as much as possible to facilitate effective recycling after product disposal.

(2) Principle of minimizing energy loss

Try to use materials with good compatibility and avoid materials that are difficult or impossible to recycle; On the basis of ensuring product durability, give the product a reasonable service life and strive to reduce energy consumption during product use.

(3) Zero pollution principle

Try to use as little or no toxic or harmful raw materials as possible.

(4) Principle of progressiveness technology

Optimize product performance, establish a “small yet refined” design concept in structural design, and strive to save resource usage through miniaturization of products with the same performance, such as using lightweight materials, removing excess functionality, avoiding excessive packaging, etc., to reduce product weight; Simplify product structure and promote the design principle of “simplicity and beauty”, such as reducing the number of components, which is not only convenient for assembly and disassembly, but also for classification and disposal after disposal; Adopting modular design, the product is composed of various functional modules, which is conducive to the assembly and disassembly of the product, as well as the recycling and disposal of waste. In the design process, attention is paid to the variety and serialization of the product; Adopting reasonable processes, simplifying product processing processes, reducing processing procedures, and simplifying disassembly processes, such as using easily detachable connection methods in structural design, reducing the amount of fasteners used, and avoiding destructive disassembly methods as much as possible; Simplify product packaging as much as possible and avoid secondary pollution.

(5) Principle of optimal overall efficiency

Consider the additional impact of the product on the environment and provide information about the product composition, such as material types and their recycling and regeneration performance.

2. Green Design Strategy for Hydraulic Systems

(1) Working medium pollution control

The hydraulic system includes pollutants, invasive pollutants, and generated pollutants. In the product design process, the principle of prevention first and treatment second should be followed, and full consideration should be given to how to eliminate pollution sources and fundamentally prevent pollution.
In addition to selecting the parameters and structure of hydraulic system components reasonably during the design phase, the following measures can be taken to control the impact of pollutants. Install a fine oil filter before and after the throttle valve, and the accuracy of the filter depends on the requirements of the control speed. All components that need to be machined must have a certain chamfer at the orifice to prevent cutting of the seal and facilitate assembly. All components, piping, etc. must be carefully cleaned after the processing process to eliminate burrs, oil stains, fibers, etc; Before assembly, the environment must be kept clean, and all components must be dry assembled. Carefully select flushing media that is compatible with the working medium after assembly

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