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Application Of Carbon Fiber Composite Materials In Three Fields

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Application Of Carbon Fiber Composite Materials In Three Fields

It has the advantages of light weight and high strength, chemical corrosion resistance, friction resistance, good toughness and high temperature resistance. % and 29%. , In this article, the editor will tell you about the application of carbon fiber composite materials in these three fields.
Field: It is the most traditional application market, and carbon fiber was first used in this area when it was first developed. Carbon fiber composite materials used in aircraft can generally be divided into two categories. One is C/C composite materials, which are used in structural materials that are resistant to burning and high temperature, such as aircraft wingtips. Even if the temperature reaches 1000 degrees Celsius, it will not It will melt; the second is carbon fiber reinforced resin matrix composite materials, which are used to make hatches, pressure vessels, etc.
Sports and leisure: surfboards, golf clubs, tennis rackets, ice hockey sticks, fishing rods, kite poles, and even ergonomic sneakers can use carbon fiber materials. Carbon fiber sports goods, light weight, easy to use, good fatigue resistance, so that it will not deform after working for a long time, and will not deform when pulled or impacted by external forces.
Industrial Applications: Its applications in this area are industrial parts, automobiles, hull components. Let’s talk about carbon fiber auto parts. Carbon fiber can be used in the rearview mirror, interior trim, license plate frame and rear wing of the car. The density is smaller than that of Aluminum, so that the resistance of the car is small, and the strength is 5 times higher than that of steel to ensure the safety of passengers.
In the field of biomedicine, carbon fiber is often used to make artificial limbs, artificial ligaments, and medical bed boards; in the military field, carbon fiber can be used in submarines, armored vehicles, special forces helmets, and missiles; in musical instrument audio, it can also be processed into violins, Bowstrings, guitars, etc. It is believed that the application will be more extensive in the future.

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What Is Carbon Fiber?Carbon fiber is made of polyacrylonitrile (PAN) (or pitch, viscose) and other organic fibers by carbonization (removal of most elements except carbon) by pyrolysis method under inert gas at high temperature above 1,000 °C. Inorganic polymer fibers with a carbon content of more than 90%.

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