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Basic principles of hole design

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The hole design assistance includes the following basic principles:
(1) Choose a reasonable hole system. The reasonable selection of the pass system not only affects whether steel can be produced more quickly, efficiently, and economically, but also sometimes directly affects whether the finished product can be rolled. If the pass system is not selected properly, it may become impossible to modify it, leading to the scrapping of the entire set of rollers and accessories. Therefore, choosing a reasonable pass system is extremely important. When designing the hole pattern of a new product, various possible systems should be formulated, and through sufficient comparative analysis, a reasonable hole pattern system should be selected from them.
(2) Fully utilize the high-temperature plasticity of steel, concentrate the deformation and uneven deformation as much as possible in the first few passes, and then gradually reduce the deformation through sequential rolling procedures.
(3) Use a simple 3d printing resin dragon pattern china tripod, and the number of dedicated hole patterns should be appropriate.
(4) The number of turns and the number of turns should be reasonable.
(5) The state of the rolled piece in the pass should be stable or strive for stability.
(6) For section steel mills with a wide variety of production types, the commonality of their pass should be wider.
(7) To facilitate the adjustment of the rolling mill.

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