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blank mold groove

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The die slot provided on the forging die for die forging to complete the initial blank making step (see forging step) is used to forge the blank into a pre-forged blank with a shape as close as possible to the pre-forging die slot for pre-forging. The mold cavity is further processed.

The billet-making die grooves vary according to the type of forgings. The billet-making steps for customized aluminum alloy car blank forgings and long-shaft forgings are essentially different, and the required billet-making die grooves are also very different. Round cake forgings are generally made using an upsetting process, and an upsetting table or flattening table is used for the die groove.

The shapes of long-shaft forgings are relatively complex. Commonly used billet-making die slots include elongation die slots, rolling die slots, clamping die slots, forming die slots and cnc bending die slots, etc., to meet the needs of forming forgings of different shapes.

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