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Blast machine in continuous casting machine

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Due to the running resistance of the slab in the continuous casting machine, it will not automatically come out of the continuous casting machine. It needs external force to pull it out. For this purpose, a blank casting machine is installed. The blanking machine is actually a driving roller – a blanking roller. Since in the early continuous investment casting machines, the casting roller and the straightening roller were combined into one, they were collectively called the casting straightener (referred to as the straightening machine). In modern times, multi-roller drawing is widely used, and the layout of the drawing rollers has been extended to the arc area and the horizontal section. Therefore, the meaning of the drawing and leveling machine has been different. In fact, the drawing machine no longer constitutes a “machine”, but a “machine”. It’s just a driven roller. For arc-shaped continuous casting machines, the slab in the arc-shaped area has downward force, but it cannot overcome the running resistance of the slab, and the casting roller still needs to be cast. In a vertical continuous aluminum investment casting machine, the downward force generated by the weight of the cast slab is very large, which is greater than its running resistance, so it can slide down on its own. In order to balance the downward force and control the casting speed, a casting roller is still installed. At this time, the casting roller does not generate Instead of pulling force, it generates braking force to balance the downward force of the billet. The running resistance of the cast slab includes four parts: crystallizer resistance, secondary cooling zone resistance, straightener resistance and cutting equipment resistance.

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