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Causes of bending when steel is cooled

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Some of the cross-sectional shapes of steel are symmetrical, such as I-beams, and some are asymmetrical, such as steel rails and channel steel. Generally, the symmetrical section steel is not easy to bend during the cooling process, but due to improper operation, it will also cause partial bending of the steel. Asymmetric cross-section steel materials have different metal temperatures in each part of the cross-section, so the shrinkage after cooling is also different. This steel will bend when it cools. In order to reduce the bending of special-shaped steel after cooling, some factories adopt local water spraying (see Figure 1) to make all parts of the steel cross-section cold shrink uniformly, in order to reduce the load of the straightening process. Tests have proved that this cooling method has no significant effect on the hardness and mechanical properties of the sprayed part. Figure 1 Local water spray cooling of channel steel 1 channel steel; 2 water spray pipe

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