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China Aluminum Group held a fund management center project construction kick-off meeting

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Recently, China Aluminum Group held a kick-off meeting for the construction of the capital management center project by video conference.China Aluminum Group Party Secretary and Chairman Yao Lin, General Manager and Deputy Party Secretary Liu Xiangmin attended the meeting and delivered speeches. Party Member and Chief Accountant Ye Guohua, Party Member and Deputy General Manager Dong Jianxiong attended the meeting.The meeting was presided over by Liu Xiangmin.

Yao Lin pointed out–

The construction of the fund management center project is an important measure to build a “one body and two wings” financial management system. It is a systematic project of “resource aggregation and value creation”. It is to build a Chinalco value management system and build a world-class non-ferrous metal with global competitiveness. A strong guarantee for enterprises.The group must uphold the long-term goal of benchmarking first-class and value creation, understand the necessity of capital management center construction at a high level, deeply understand the importance and urgency of capital management center construction from ideology and understanding, and comprehensively establish a “cash management center”. “The profit of flow is the profit with quality” concept.

Yao Lin requested–

It is necessary to plan the fund management center platform system from a high starting point.The construction of the fund management center must realize the horizontal connection and vertical connection of the group’s financial resources, and continuously improve the ability to create financial value.The group must change the management concept and enhance the value creation ability of fund management.It is necessary to strengthen capital budget management, fully integrate and utilize financial resources, and realize the “full process, visualization, and automation” of capital risk management and maximization of the overall interests of the group.Second, we must comprehensively plan and build a world-class capital management system.In accordance with the guiding ideology of “top-level design, unified planning, step-by-step implementation, and gradual improvement”, an intensive, standardized, and professional integrated fund management system must be established to achieve 100% centralized management and control of fund settlement, 100% financing, and 100% budgeting. % Coverage and 100% risk monitoring.Third, we must deepen the application of the system and build a smart fund management platform.Adopt a new generation of digital technology to provide technical support, integrate the group’s fund management application needs through an information system, and build a system that integrates fund budgeting, fund settlement, financing coordination, debt management and control, risk monitoring, data mining, decision analysis and other functions. Fund management information platform.Realize the purpose of financial dynamic visualization, timely business processing, resource aggregation, cost optimization, risk pre-interception, and support for scenario-based decision-making.

Yao Lin emphasized–

It is necessary to speed up the establishment of a fund management center with high efficiency.The construction of the capital management center project is a “top leader” project, and all parties involved must provide solid and reliable organizational guarantees.The group has established a project leadership team for the capital management center. The principals of each strategic unit entity enterprise and those in charge of finance and information must earnestly assume their responsibilities, put the overall interests of the group first, actively study construction plans, change traditional concepts, and provide The guarantee and support of good people, finances and materials, in accordance with the requirements of work goals and time nodes, break down tasks, compact and compact, and assign responsibilities to people.Second, we must create an efficient and collaborative working mechanism.All strategic units and enterprises should establish a “one game of chess” awareness of the overall situation, form a “headquarters-each strategic unit-enterprise” integration promotion trend, resolutely follow the overall plan to ensure the smooth construction of the project, and jointly build the China Aluminum Group Capital Management Center project Become a world-class benchmark project.

Liu Xiangmin requested,All participating units must correctly understand the meaning of the “top leader” project proposed by Chairman Yao Lin, firmly establish the group’s “one game of chess” thinking, and actively participate in project construction with a high sense of responsibility.One isIt is necessary to give full play to subjective initiative and mobilize all resources that can be mobilized to guarantee the construction of the project.The Group will take strong measures, increase rigid assessments, and make every effort to promote project construction.SecondLearn and deepen the understanding of the project construction plan, change the inertia of thinking, improve the position, and work together to form a vertical and horizontal integration promotion situation, face difficulties, and make solid progress.Three isProject construction must be forward-looking, expandable and practical, clarify work tasks and implement responsibilities, strengthen connection and coordination, and establish an effective communication and coordination mechanism.All strategic units and entities must take full action to contribute to the construction of the group’s capital management center and jointly create a new model for Chinalco’s high-quality development.

At the meeting, the person in charge of Chinalco’s financial property department reported on the overall construction plan and work plan of the group’s capital management center.The relevant person in charge of Ernst & Young Consulting, the consultant of the capital management center construction project, made a statement.

The deputy leader of the Discipline Inspection and Supervision Team of Chinalco, the main persons in charge of various departments of the headquarters, the “one hospital and three centers”, the main persons in charge of various strategic units and entities, chief financial officers and related personnel attended the meeting.

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