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Chinalco Guangxi Branch held a special meeting on carbon work

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On August 8th, Chinalco Guangxi Branch held a special meeting on carbon work.Party Secretary and General Manager of Guangxi Branch, Huang Weiping, Chairman of Guangxi Hualei New Materials Co., Ltd., Ding Bo, CFO of Guangxi Branch and Executive Director of Pingguo Aluminum Co., Ltd., Xiong Lin, Deputy General Manager of Guangxi Branch and Guangxi Hualei, Zhou Movement, general manager of Pingguo Aluminum, He Haibo, assistant to general manager of Guangxi branch, as well as heads of related secondary units and functional departments of Guangxi branch and Guangxi Hualei attended the meeting.The meeting was chaired by Ding Bo.

At the meeting, the Carbon Plant of Guangxi Branch reported on the cost control of pre-baked anodes, the improvement of anode quality, cost benchmarking and the promotion of key tasks in July, and proposed the next work plan.The relevant functional departments of Guangxi Branch reported on the implementation of the carbon work conference in July, and conducted in-depth analysis in terms of indicator benchmarking, costs, material procurement, equipment management, maintenance costs, and measures to improve quality and reduce costs. Improved opinions and suggestions are put forward to reduce the cost of prebaked anodes.Guangxi Hualei Production Technology Department and the electrolytic aluminum plant made a detailed report on the improvement of product quality, the optimization of key indicators, and the direction of the two companies’ next coordinated improvement.

Ding Bo, Xiong Lin, Zhou Movement, and He Haibo continue to strengthen internal management, strengthen research on raw material procurement channels, further explore and improve the use of modified asphalt, maintain and improve product quality, strengthen customer service and communication, and grasp the quality of planned maintenance and maintenance , To ensure the safety of natural gas use and other aspects of work put forward specific requirements.

Huang Weiping made arduous efforts to relevant units and functional departments, effectively communicated, coordinated and cooperated with all parties to solve problems, paid close attention to the arrangement of the previous carbon seminars, realized the obvious optimization of anode costs and indicators, and fully affirmed that many indicators have reached the best level in history. .

Huang Weiping emphasized: First, the carbon plant should set up a comprehensive benchmark of awareness and responsibility, achieve fine operation, precise management, and continue to optimize indicators.At present, most of the indicators of the carbon plant have reached the benchmark value, and they are fully capable and level to achieve a comprehensive benchmark. We must strengthen our confidence, establish a sense of striving for a comprehensive benchmark, assume the responsibility for achieving a comprehensive benchmark, adhere to fine operation, precise management, and continuous optimization. The target is reached.The second is to be soberly aware of the gaps and problems that exist, carefully analyze the causes, and take effective measures to improve and resolve them.Faced with the current achievements, it is necessary to keep a clear head, see the problems in the work and the gap with advanced enterprises, and find ways to solve the problems and narrow the gap.The third is to actively cooperate with Guangxi Hualei Electrolytic Aluminum Plant to reduce anode unit consumption and power consumption.It is necessary to effectively embody the concept of “quality first, user first” in work and actions, and earnestly respond to, cooperate and implement the requirements of users; actively go out to investigate and exchange, learn and apply new technologies and new methods, and scientifically develop new Anode test to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results.Fourth, the marketing management department and the carbon plant should actively cooperate and make every effort to reduce procurement costs.It is necessary to continue to further reduce costs in terms of raw material ex-factory prices, logistics and transportation, and reduce procurement costs bit by bit, so as to promote the continuous decline of anode costs, and strive to become a benchmark enterprise for Chinalco Carbon.

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