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Chinalco Shanxi New Materials held July economic activity analysis meeting

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On August 8, Chinalco Shanxi New Materials held a July economic activity analysis meeting to summarize and analyze the production and operation conditions in July, and arrange the deployment of key tasks in the next phase.Guo Weili, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Chinalco Shanxi New Materials, emphasized that it is necessary to truly change ideological concepts, conscientiously consolidate responsibilities at all levels, vigorously promote all-factor benchmarking management, and earnestly reduce costs and increase efficiency.Wang Xincheng, deputy secretary of the party committee and general manager of Chinalco Shanxi New Materials, presided over the meeting. Other members of the company’s leadership team in the factory, and heads of secondary units and departments attended the meeting.

Guo Weili pointed out that in July, although Chinalco Shanxi New Materials achieved overall profitability, the company’s management and control efforts and cost reduction effects have not yet reached the expected results, and there is still a gap.All units must combine the new situation and task requirements, truly change their thinking and concepts, seriously reflect on the root of the problem, and carry out all-factor benchmarking, the best benchmarking with history, benchmarking with brother units, looking inward for gaps, and truly reducing the pressure of reform The transmission and implementation of responsibilities will be carried out, so as to reduce costs and increase efficiency at the limit, and reduce costs and increase efficiency with all elements.We must grasp the key elements and key links, start with the purchase of bulk raw materials, actively respond to market changes, benchmark brother companies, benchmarking advanced industries, pay close attention to policies, predict in advance, strengthen internal management and reduce costs, and resolutely prevent damage to the public. , Falsification, internal hooks and external linkages.The majority of party members and cadres should carry forward the party’s fine traditions and good work style, continue the red spirit, inherit the red gene, be brave to fight, be good at struggle, work hard, face difficulties, strengthen work execution, and contribute to the transformation and upgrading of enterprises. .

Guo Weili conveyed the spirit of the speech made by Chinalco Group General Manager and Deputy Secretary of the Party Group Liu Xiangmin at the Chinalco Group’s Deepening Reform Promotion Conference, requesting all units to conscientiously implement Chinalco’s relevant deployments and requirements on deepening the reform of state-owned enterprises, and deepen it. The reform of the “three systems” achieves that “cadres can go up and down”, “employees can enter and leave”, and “income can increase and decrease”, and continuously improve corporate efficiency and efficiency.Guo Weili also made specific requirements for the work plans of various units to turn losses and get rid of difficulties in the next three years.

Wang Xincheng requested that all units should conscientiously study and understand the spirit of the conference, further emancipate their minds, change their concepts, create an atmosphere, and implement actions.It is necessary to outperform the market, outperform peers, and outperform the best level in history, carry out all-factor benchmarking, carry forward the spirit of struggle, boldly innovate, deepen reforms, continue to improve value-based distribution management, and fully mobilize the enthusiasm and initiative of the grassroots.With a highly responsible attitude towards the company and employees, it is necessary to improve standing, confidence, work quality, and core competitiveness, and with the determination and courage to break the boat and fight against the water, help companies achieve the rise of the Jedi and recast their brilliance.

At the meeting, the Planning and Finance Department analyzed the company’s operations in July; the production operation center made a full-factor benchmarking and production analysis, and made a targeted report on the product output and the completion of key indicators; the equipment energy department made equipment energy management Thematic analysis, targeted reporting on the completion of equipment unplanned parking, energy costs, repair costs, etc.; The Fine Alumina Division made a thematic analysis on the completion of production and sales, profitability, gaps, and next improvement measures. (Yang Hong/Liu Feng)

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