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CZ122 (CW617N) is classified as stamped brass and is supplied primarily as bar stock for forging billets, although it is also free-machining. The material is mainly composed of 59% copper, 39% zinc and 2% lead, which is finely dispersed throughout the microstructure.

CZ122 (CW617N) perfectly combines thermal working and machining performance, and is most commonly used to produce more complex hot-pressed parts. If plates are also required to complete the contract, the equivalent grade of this material is CZ122 (CW617N).

First, CZ122 (CW617N) has excellent machinability. Compared with other metal materials, CZ122 (CW617N) can better maintain the durability of the tool during machining, thereby improving production efficiency and product quality. In addition, its excellent hot workability and forgeability also make this material easier to carry out hot pressing and forging operations in the production process.

Secondly, CZ122 (CW617N) has excellent thermoforming properties. This characteristic allows the material to maintain good plasticity and fluidity at high temperatures, allowing the production of more complex hot-pressed parts. At the same time, its good castability and weldability also provide more convenience and options for the processing and manufacturing of materials.

In addition, CZ122 (CW617N) also has good corrosion resistance. Due to its special composition and processing technology, CZ122 (CW617N) has high corrosion resistance, and can maintain stability and durability in various harsh environments, thus ensuring the service life and safety of the product.

The typical physical characteristics of CZ122 (CW617N) are as follows 1:

  • The density is 8.5g/cm^3^.
  • The thermal conductivity is 109W/m·K.
  • The specific heat capacity is 0.397J/g·K.
  • The elastic modulus is 119GPa.

In addition, CZ122 (CW617N) also has high processability and excellent thermoformability, and also has good corrosion resistance.

The manufacturing characteristics of CZ122 (CW617N) are as follows12:

  • Machinability: Good.
  • Hot workability: good.
  • Malleability: good.
  • Castability: good.
  • Weldability: good.

Typical use:

The lead of CZ122(CW617N) is finely dispersed throughout the microstructure, which has excellent thermoforming properties and high machinability. This specialty alloy is widely used in commercial applications such as automotive components, precision machined components, hot forged and pressed components, valve parts, construction hardware and specialty fasteners.

CZ122(CW617N) is used for various hot forged and pressed parts, including sanitary ware, door furniture, window fittings, faucets and valve parts, auto parts, decorations, brackets, fixtures, housings, gears, cams, nuts, clock and watch parts and other components that require high precision machining

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