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dry cooling

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The so-called “dry” cooling refers to the secondary cooling zone that does not spray water and relies entirely on the radiation of the stand casting billet and the indirect cooling method of the water-cooled support roller.
The support roller is a water jacket type spiral welding roller, which is cooled by water and comes into contact with the casting billet. Its total heat dissipation can reach 40-60% of the total heat. Jealousy style cooling has lower cooling capacity than water spray and air water cooling.
High temperature billets can be obtained, but the bulging deformation of the billets increases. The corresponding pulling speed should also be reduced.
The characteristic of this process is that the surface temperature of the billet is uniform, the quality of the billet is good, and it is suitable for metal casting crack sensitive steel grades; The high surface temperature of the billet is conducive to hot delivery and charging; Simplify the piping system in the secondary cooling zone. It has been successfully applied to ultra-low head slab continuous casting machines.

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