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Factors affecting the unit consumption of magnesium

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The unit consumption of magnesium desulfurization mainly depends on the initial sulfur content, endpoint sulfur content, temperature, and weight of molten iron (the depth of molten iron inside the ladle).
In theory, 1kg of metal magnesium can remove 1.32kg of sulfur; In fact, due to the residual magnesium in the molten iron, the magnesium used for deoxidation, the escape of a small amount of magnesium vapor, and the loss of magnesium in the reaction with the carrier gas and top slag, the utilization rate of magnesium cannot reach 100%.
Compared with low initial sulfur content, the utilization rate of magnesium is higher when the initial sulfur content is high.
Magnesium desulfurization is different from CaO and CaC2 desulfurization. The magnesium desulfurization reaction is an exothermic reaction, and low temperature is favorable for the reaction. At low temperature, the solubility of magnesium in molten iron is high, which is beneficial for magnesium to participate in the reaction and improve utilization efficiency; But when the temperature is high, it is beneficial for the reaction products to float up and enter the top slag to improve the reaction speed, but overall, low temperature is more favorable for magnesium desulfurization.
There is a large amount of molten iron, with a large depth of molten cast iron inside the ladle, a deep insertion of the spray gun, and a high utilization rate of magnesium. The depth of the molten iron inside the ladle is shallow, and the insertion of the spray gun is shallow. Magnesium bubbles escape from the molten iron surface before they can completely dissolve.
Therefore, a large injection depth can reduce the loss of magnesium escape.

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