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Forging die groove

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A cavity made on the forging die module that can deform the billet during forging, also known as the die chamber. The forging die groove can be divided into die forging die groove, billet making die groove, and cutting die groove. The die forging groove is designed and manufactured based on the hot forging diagram, and is the final groove that forms the forging.
It is further divided into final forging die groove and pre forging die groove. The final forging die groove is used to transform the billet into a metal forging bicycle that meets the requirements of size and shape. Pre forging (primary) groove is used to reduce the deformation of the final forging groove and make the deformation of the billet close to the size and shape of the finished product.
A groove set up to provide the preformed groove with the closest possible shape of the billet. The blank mold groove of shaft forgings can be divided into drawing mold groove, rolling extrusion mold groove, clamping mold groove, forming mold groove, and cnc bending mold groove, etc; The blank mold groove for cake and rectangular forgings is a upsetting table or a flattening table.
A groove that separates multiple forgings made of a blank into a single forging or sets up a groove that symmetrically arranges two forgings of the same size and shape on a forging die due to the balancing force during forging.

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