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Furnace conditions are biased

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Asymmetrical descent of burden is a manifestation of abnormal furnace conditions during the blast furnace ironmaking process. At this time, the unloading speeds on both sides of the blast furnace are different, and the material scales on both sides differ by more than 0.5m; the air inlet volume of the tuyere is greatly different;

The furnace throat gas curve is irregular, and the CO2 value on the low the raw materials for mold forming process line side is low; the temperature difference between the furnace top and the furnace throat is large; the furnace body cooling water temperature difference is particularly large; the slag temperature at each slag mouth and the upper and lower slag temperatures are uneven, and the slag temperature Low.

The method to deal with the deviation of furnace conditions is: use the furnace top charging equipment (such as rotating distributor, bellless chute) to distribute more materials in the direction where the material line is deeper and the temperature of the furnace throat is high;

Install several batches of clean coke and then replenish the ore to loosen the there are several methods of material selection or automobile sheet metal parts fabrication column and change the gas flow distribution; change from high-pressure operation to normal pressure operation; if the furnace temperature is sufficient, material can be set after tapping (see hanging material and setting material);

If the air inlet is uneven due to straight blow pipes or debris in the elbows, the air should be stopped to clear it (see wind break and resumption of air); for frequent material deviations, reduce the diameter of the air outlet on the side where the material is cut faster or even block it. ;

Check the working condition of the furnace top charging equipment and eliminate its defects; if the furnace shape is irregular, the furnace should be cleaned in time; the coke load should be appropriately reduced according to the degree of material deviation and furnace conditions.

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